President: “they remain amenable for those crimes”

All the debate around the abuse cases in the south and the attempts to mediate the financial burden of blame onto the state obscures a point made painfully obvious by Michael O’Brien’s intervention on Q&A on Monday night… But Mary McAleese has stated this morning, that the perpetrators should all be prosecuted

“In so far as the Ryan report catalogues acts of criminal neglect or violence that were perpetrated by people who are still alive I think we have to say absolutely without any fear of contradiction then they remain amenable for those crimes”..

Thoughts of the poor record of the HET come to mind…

  • Seceder

    This statement is to be welcomed and the perpetrators should be brought before the courts, but the Ryan Report made it abundantly clear – the abuses were endemic, they were known and they were ignored!

    prosecutions should also be brought against the leadership of the Congregations for criminal negligence and complicity.

    if company directors can be prosecuted for corporate manslaughter then the leadership of the Religious Orders responsible for the most heinious crimes should be made culpable for “corporate child abuse”

  • daisy

    Surely their conscience should dictate that they come forward, confess and face justice? Or do they just go into the little box and gain absolution?

  • Brian Walker

    Mick, Re your “thoughts of the poor record of the HET come to mind…” Yes, but.. At least the President (although a lawyer, is it quite constitutional for her to talk like this?).. is saying that the book is open on prosecutions over child abuse, in spite of the discredited deal. Is there anyone in authority in NI saying the same about scheduled crimes committed before April 1998?
    HET is surely about tying up loose ends rather than following the trail.. In the Republic we’ve got the he Justice Minister’s review of the files to look forward to.

  • Greenflag

    Amenable means

    ‘willing to respond to persuasion or suggestions’

    And that’s all it means. Presumably the President could not use more direct language for ‘legal ‘ reasons .


    ‘prosecutions should also be brought against the leadership of the Congregations for criminal negligence and complicity.’

    Why stop there? Public servants , senior politicians -even Ministers acted to hinder the course of justice and to the extent they can be found guilty by the civil laws of aiding and abetting these crimes they too should face the courts .

  • Greenflag,

    amenable: 1: liable to be brought to account : answerable

    I wonder will any of these ‘amenable’ people get to play golf with the President’s husband …

  • Greenflag


    No. Catching a dose of political leprosy with an election in two weeks is not good . FF are due a lambasting anyway so why make it worse?

    The UDA don’t have votes in the Republic so when they feel the need to wallow in Fenian blood, and kill or batter to death any Catholic now and again and go to confession and promise not to do it again then they can still play golf with yer man .

    But wait a minute the UDA don’t do confessions eh ? Anyway now that they have endorsed the UUP and the Conservatives Party and are on the way to political respectability shure it won’t be long before yer man and the UDA commander and Messrs Cameron & Empey turn out at Portmarnock for a foursome :(?

    Pass the vomit bag and all that but hey thats the only way politics can work north of the border and I’m thinking of laying in a store of vomit bags for here as well 🙁

  • Ulsters my homeland

    I want my double nationality and I want its money now. No more bullshit, give me the euro and the Pound and quit the shit.

  • Rory Carr

    While I am wholeheartedly in favour of rigourous pursuit and prosecution of those clerics and members of lay orders responsible for these crimes I find myself, like Brian, thinking, “Hello. Is this statement by President McAleese not in breach of constitutional protocol? Doesn’t she need to pull her populist horns in? It is not fitting for the head of state to speak so.”.

    My concern is that her statement, if not a crude pro-FF political ploy, might even be used to frustrate efforts to bring those responsible to face their accusers in open court.

    We have had more than enough of cute whoredom and those who play that game in order to allow these vile abusers to slip loose will not easily be forgiven. I trust.

  • Greenflag, listening to Martin McGuinness condemning violence is enough to make most decent people throw up.

  • Big Maggie


    Perhaps he wishes to move on. Perhaps more of us should try to.

  • Perhaps he had immunity, Big Maggie. The McDaid family will have great difficulty ‘moving on’.


    Agree with her comments on the abuse totally. I just wish she would put as much condemnation and emotion into attacking Jackie McDonald and his murdeous thugs in the North. Oh sorry I forgot they are her huggable buddies and she won’t hear a bad word against them. Pass me the sickbag Mary and go and see how the Catholics in North Antrim & East Derry feel about your husband’s golf chums.

  • Big Maggie


    Agreed. Let’s hope they don’t decide to access Slugger O’Toole. I think they’d be appalled by some of the comments here.

    In case you do, my dear McDaids:

    Your loss is indescribable. I have lost two family members but not to the sort of brutality you have been party to.

    My heart goes out to you, Evelyn. I can’t imagine what you’re going through. Your pain must know no bounds. To have a husband and soul-mate who did his level best for the community, and strove always to bring together warring strands of the Coleraine community, is to have a man whose passing we in the rest of the North (and indeed the whole world) will mourn.

    You could not have known, Evelyn, so please don’t blame yourself for anything. I mean that. None of us knows when the axe will fall. Kevin could not have known. He went to the aid of a friend and neighbour, doing what his sense of decency urged him to do.

    How was he to know? He could not have known that men less enlightened, brave, decent, moral and good as he would have lain in wait. Their warped sense of values had urged them to “Kill all Taigs”.

    It was not personal, Evelyn. It was an eruption from the festering boil that Unionist politicians and their ready audiences have created in Coleraine, by insisting that your Kevin was in some way “different” from Billy in the neighbouring estate.

    All lies, Evelyn. But I am not here to make a political statement, but the very opposite. Kevin will wish that you, Ryan and the others will continue his wonderful work. He would not want you to retaliate. His work told him otherwise.

    My thoughts are with you, Evelyn. I’m a mother and grandmother. As I said, I know loss. But that is not to say I feel your loss. I do not. To say I do would be impertinent.

    All I can say, my dear, in your time of dreadful torment, is this: seek justice, bring the low-lifes who murdered Kevin so cowardly and brutally to their rightful reward, a long and hopefully life-long prison term.

    It seems to me that the police here are finally, if belatedly, coming to the aid of Nationalists who have been so brutalized as your family members have been.

    I have no more to say, Evelyn.

  • “they’d be appalled by some of the comments here.”

    Big Maggie, you’ve just acted as an apologist for arch-hypocrite Martin McGuinness so you’re tears are crocodile ones.

  • granni trixie

    For once I think – thank God for the President….as a practicising Catholic she is the right one to give leadership and she was clear right from the moment Ryan was published..not shilly-shalling like CORI.

    Took a scan at Andytown News today – expecting them to get tor’ into the Church. What! No headlines about the scandal! Even Des Wilson inside is mild for him. to read that?

  • Big Maggie


    Thanks. I love you too.

  • Do you think I’m being too harsh, Big Maggie? I was surprised that someone who could swallow a mint humbug should choke on a smartie.