New Deputy Chief Constable appointed

No word yet on the successor to Hugh Orde, but the new Deputy Chief Constable has been appointed, apparently, by the Policing Board – former Assistant Chief Constable Judith Gillespie. The police will require an estimated £76million to counter continued republican paramilitary activity over the next two years.. That’s in addition to the MI5 spend.. Adds Northern Ireland Secretary of State, Shaun Woodward, MP, welcomes the appointment.

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  • Paul

    Pete I wonder why money is only needed to counter republican paramilitary when the Unionist paramilitaries are on the streets killing as well

  • Danny O’Connor

    Pete,Republicans are not the only threat to peace,is there something in the unionist psyche that can’t see that?
    the police are accountable to the policing board but MI5?,that is down to the SF negotiators at St Andrews.

  • Driftwood

    An extra £76 million to do what?
    Suppose the price of Pizzas has gone up a bit.
    Overtime for Trevor and Mandy in the cushiest job in the UK outside the Ambulance and Fire (and rescue)Service.

    But think of the pressures on Judith. errrr…

  • Driftwood

    MI5 are accountable to the MoD. Who are accountable to the Defence secretary. Still, jobs for the people at Palace Barracks. Subsidised canteen as well!

  • Danny O’Connor

    Driftwood,no they are not,they are accountable to a sub committee appointed by the PM but do not have to answer questions about national security;in effect the committee has no teeth whatsoever,they are absolutely unlike other
    parliamentary committees,they can just simply duck uncomfortable questions on the grounds of national security.

  • Driftwood

    Hardly a big deal Danny

    The CIA calls the shots anyway, probably better we don’t know. And MI6 don’t answer to anyone.

    Always wondered why the spooks chose their home from home in Holywood though? The logistics I can understand. Beside airport. On an army barracks..(The Royal Marines there now!), transport links,… But NI? Maybe Al Queda thinks there’s a United (neutral) Ireland. lucky we know different, eh?

  • redhugh78

    Danny that’s a bit rich coming from an SDLP apologist for the ruc and their cronies for all those years.

  • Conquistador

    Yes Danny’s right. Mi5 should pack up and go home. Palace barracks is spooks headquarters I’m lead to believe.

    Republican and loyalist paramilitaries would run wild across ulster/Northern Ireland/the six counties, but at least there’d be less quango government.

  • K

    So what is the MI5 spend on combating loyalist death squads this year?

  • oracle


    Pete Baker and Rusty get criticised by many of you on this site yet they are the ones who put up more links than a chain.
    They do it to inform you so you are better placed to articulate for or against the topic in question.
    So to claim you don’t even bother to read Petes “one sided garbage” is strange for a person who just read it to post on it!

    You have exposed yourself as a narrow minded buffoon with your hide nailed firmly to the Sinn Fein flagpole, the same flagpole I might add that Sinn Fein would have no hesitation in shafting you with.

    S illy
    A rse

  • Danny O’Connor

    Red Hugh,I am a member of the SDLP,so what?,I have never been an apologist for any wrong doings-by anyone,if what you are looking for is people who dont get involved in the politics of condemnation,indeed trying to excuse the most extreme acts of murder just look at the track record of SF. the murder of Jean McConville ,Enniskillen,La Mon,etc…..

  • TK

    Judith is a great appointment! Well done to Policing Board. As for references to SDLP apologists for the then RUC – its the IRA and Sinn Fein who have been proved not so much to have been apologists for then then RUC but who have been working hand in glove with them as paid collaborators.