Media briefings and no chance of a fair ‘trial’?

Pete has provided a detailed blog on some of the history of Liam Campbell following his arrest and like the MSM immediately attached the ‘suspected Omagh bomber tag’. Campbell will be facing a non-jury court, so everyone can get away with any claim over fact but will the ‘suspected Omagh bomber’ get a fair diplock style trial on charges that have no relation to old unproven suspicions?

  • Pete Baker

    Well a link to that “detailed blog” would be nice.

    But you seem to be somewhat confused about what the Belfast Recorder’s Court will actually be ruling on.

  • The Raven

    Folks, I am not old enough to have been fully cogniscent of the role of Diplock Courts.

    From my scant knowledge – would a preferred option not be to retain diplock, (yes I can see **some** merits), but bring in an international judge? Someone from beyond the British/Irish arena?

    Grateful to anyone for some non-partisan explanation. Cheers.

  • Pete Baker


    The Belfast Recorder’s Court will only rule on whether or not the defendant can be extradited on the charges.

    But those non-jury trials are still available here.

  • sj1

    Cheers pete.