“the current law does not offer the same levels of protection..”

The Northern Ireland Assembly today debated and resolved – “That this Assembly calls on the First Minister and deputy First Minister to review the current Race Relations (Northern Ireland) Order 1997, in view of the fact that the current law does not offer the same levels of protection as in other parts of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland, and also given the deficiencies in the Race Relations Order (Amendment) Regulations (Northern Ireland) 2003.” But, as noted on Stormont Live, the bringing of the motion calling for a strengthening of the legislation on racial equality marks another example of “deadlock and stasis” in the NI Executive semi-detached polit-bureau. And then there’s other ministerial behaviour..

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  • DC

    Look, haven’t they stopped terrorising each other, jeez some people want political progress off the back of unionist aggressors and republican terrorisers in an instant. What do they, those in the constructed opposition, think we have in Stormont, real politicians?

    No – what we have is Peter Robinson whose last real job was as an estate agent and Maritn McGuinness whose last surreal job was as an IRA foot soldier; who it would also seem is in cahoots with Gerry Adams about denying denial over the Hunger Strikers.

    Let’s think relative here for a moment people in NI…haven’t they stopped supporting/encouraging political murders on the ground, you haven’t had it so good. So, sit tight, it’ll take ’em a while to get to grips with sectarianism and racism etc. Just let them be with that problem NIMBY and all that, keep on paying them £500,000 per term on expenses so long as they don’t start the blooding killing again…

    But, I’m not going without forgetting our little blonde bombshell turn brunette cuddly sweetheart Martina Anderson, who says:

    Sinn Féin has, as a priority, accepted its responsibility not only to build a shared future within the context of the political institutions, but to explore with the unionist community how and on what basis that shared future could develop. It must be a top priority to agree a way forward on a shared future within the framework of the legal and policy commitments that we have already agreed. That will not happen by simply endorsing administrative policy documents, but by using the existing political process.

    I imagine same goes then for your Race Relations Order amendments then, or is that stupid assumption, but let’s not get into that tonight??

  • Paul

    Pete – you got the Politics Show clip of the candidates from last Sunday on youtube or here? thanks in advance if you do!