Property Downfall

Hat Tip True Economics

  • That’s very cryptic, Mack!

  • Mack

    Fixed now Horseman, not sure how it happened but the content went AWOL.

  • too many downfall-meme downfalls

    Enough of these already

  • Mack

    You know, I’d never seen one before until today, but apparently there is a lot of them out there..

  • eranu

    still blank for me…

  • Greenflag

    mack ,

    ‘but apparently there is a lot of them out there..’

    The currency in this instance has been much debased . The odd thing is that Hitler for all his faults was in himself a perfect gentleman at least in terms of his personal ethics . Stands up quite well to comparisons with the ethics of say a Madoff ( Ponzi Supremo ) , Greenberg (AIG thief)and another hundred or more from the corporate and political worlds of Washington DC , Wall St and the City of London not forgetting our own Irish ‘brown paper bag ‘ deals- which should get another airing today as former Government Press Secretary, Frank Dunlop faces sentencing on a number of corruption charges . We need not mention the religious orders defence of their ethical standards or their preference for purchasing insurance policies against being sued for molestation of children rather than remove the criminals form the order ? Christianity wasis being turned inside out and upside down so that these ‘criminals ‘ could be kept

    People are learning the hard way not to trust bankers , insurers , politicians , clergy , the mass media ,corporation executives etc etc etc .

    As my old man used to say -never mind what they say watch what they actually do !

    Now that we’ve seen what they have done and heard some of their ‘justifications ‘ for unethical behaviour will we ever again trust the ‘professionals ‘be they lay or clerical to regulate themselves ?

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    Aye, that Downfall clip set to any current disaster is doing the rounds, but it is gas with the psychotic Hitler ranting.