Beginnings of a new southern Sinn Fein…

One of the things that kind of surprised me was the high rating for Toireasa Ferris in the southern constituency in the Irish Times poll. Bright, young, articulate and (dare I say it, good looking), she is making exactly the kind of waves Sinn Fein needs to create a viable 32 county ‘product’. Harry Magee reports:

If you scan through the policy page of her slick website, its major themes are democratic accountability, jobs, families, communities, public services, rural Ireland. You’ll traipse through at least 500 words before you even reach the only policy area that once mattered for Sinn Féin: the national question.

Even then, it is so inoffensive that it would not look out of place in a Fine Gael manifesto: “The peace process has opened the way towards national reconciliation and Irish Unity. I believe we should work towards making a United Ireland a reality by increasing the areas of North-South co-operation.”

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