Beginnings of a new southern Sinn Fein…

One of the things that kind of surprised me was the high rating for Toireasa Ferris in the southern constituency in the Irish Times poll. Bright, young, articulate and (dare I say it, good looking), she is making exactly the kind of waves Sinn Fein needs to create a viable 32 county ‘product’. Harry Magee reports:

If you scan through the policy page of her slick website, its major themes are democratic accountability, jobs, families, communities, public services, rural Ireland. You’ll traipse through at least 500 words before you even reach the only policy area that once mattered for Sinn Féin: the national question.

Even then, it is so inoffensive that it would not look out of place in a Fine Gael manifesto: “The peace process has opened the way towards national reconciliation and Irish Unity. I believe we should work towards making a United Ireland a reality by increasing the areas of North-South co-operation.”

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  • Ulsters my homeland

    “[i]Bright, young, articulate and (dare I say it, good looking), she is making exactly the kind of waves Sinn Fein needs to create a viable 32 county ‘product’.”[/i]

    Not a bad bit of totty and she looks surprisingly Saxon. Much, much better looking than the so called “Beauty Queen Bomber” Martina Anderson.

  • Leather

    She is repugnant. She was on Vincent Browne recently claiming she had no shame or remorse for any IRA victims. Spouting the same old story about people on both sides blah blah blah. Even when VB asked her about the children who died, as she is a mother of two small children thought she might have a bit of compassion but nope, it was all a means to an end for her. So there you have it, babies died so she could be elected.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    Leather, her political and moral views maybe screwed up, but would you kick her out of bed for farting?

  • Leather


  • dunreavynomore

    She had a run in with Vincent Browne last week; She accused others of being ‘career politicians’ so Browne lit on her asking what she was if not a career politician. Then she brought up ‘corruption’ and again he jumped all over her talking about ‘bogus ‘ expenses being claimed by S.F’s M.P.s and whether she was taken aback or what, she wasn’t fit for him.Mind you, Browne is a cantankerous old cuss to deal with.She needs to toughen up if she intends to stay in politics and help Daddy build the dynasty.

  • dunreavynomore

    don’t worry about S.F. and the national question. Wee Barry was on the Nolan show this morning and although I only caught a little bit of it he seemed to be saying in relation to the issue of MLAs expenses, that S.F. were the only ‘all Ireland party’ and the only party ‘campaigning for a United Ireland’ and somehow he managed to claim that any expenses they claim are, therefore, bone fide.

  • circles

    Posts 1- 4 obviously posted by retarded teenagers of a clear political tilt, with zip undone, fingers a fumbling in their stained y-fronts with one eye on slugger and one eye on web-sites of dubious “adult” content.
    Thanks for outing yourselves boys – I mean a name like Leather – FFS (shakes head)

  • An fhirinne gharbh

    Please – no more insights into UMH’s psychosis.

  • Driftwood

    She’s pretty hot and wouldn’t look out of place at a Tory function, probably make you a fry in the morning as well. Who cares what she thinks.

  • George

    Her refusal to condemn the killing of Garda McCabe went down like a ton of bricks south of the border.

  • blinding

    Who would have thought a good looking female would set Irish male politicos pulses a racing.

    The most of ye would give the Tories a run for their money in the sexual slease department if given half a chance.

  • dublinsfsupporter

    A welcome addition. Sinn Féin is changing.

  • Driftwood

    Sinn Féin is changing. Yeah right.

    Having 1 bit of blonde bimbo totty instead of ‘back end of a bus’ millies that constitute most SF females??

    1 sswallow doesn’t make a summer.

  • doug

    “1 sswallow doesn’t make a summer. ”

    Perhaps not, but it certainly makes a Saturday night

  • Driftwood

    Nice one Doug

    Obviously a freudian slip…

  • Ulsters my homeland
  • Driftwood

    Wonder where Gerry’s hands are there?

  • Ulsters my homeland

    Toireasa seems to be thinking, “is that the President’s hands???”

  • Ulsters my homeland
  • UMH: I need a shag, now


    You really are a silly little boy. An illiterate fool!

    How many wanks have you had over Toireasa today? Two? Three?

    Us Taigs are clearly on to something here if the best case against Sinn Fein you can make involves the use of pathetic chauvinistic, adolescent jibes.

    You probably haven’t even been touched by a woman, apart from your little mummy. Awwww poor thing. You have all the characteristics of a severe anal-retentive.

    Off for another sneaky wank are we now? Do you think you’ll be able to stop the girls down the back of the bus from noticing?!

    Sad, sad little fool. That’s exactly what you are. Friendless, soulless and hate-filled.

    I really, really do feel sorry for you. In fact, I think I might go pray to the Blessed Virgin Mary for you now – let’s help one virgin can help another…

  • percy

    It’ll take time, but as the peace process progresses SF’s message and appeal broadens.

  • It’s not like UMH has any choice other than to go for poor little Toireasa. Look at his options within his own community..

    Arlene Foster – miiiiaaaooowwwwww!!

    Dianna Dodds – wolfwhistle baby!!

    Iris Gobinson – the Bell of the Ball, rrrrrrrr

    I bet he secretly longs to be tied up in a dirty dungeon with his Mistress de Brún.

    Sad, sad fucker

  • An fhirinne gharbh

    I was thinking about the this outpouring of sexism today when I saw a picture for Eibhlin Byrne – Fianna Fail’s second-tier candidate for the Dublin Euro seat – on the tail of the No 10 bus to UCD. ‘Now she really has a face like the back-end of a bus’ ocurred to me for a split second but I bravely repressed it. I’m only sharing it with you as part of my therapy.

  • Driftwood

    Have to admit both Unionist paties are short of ‘talent’ in certain departments. Hopefully the Tory link up will help us out. As a friend of mine once said, Vote Labour, Sleep Tory.

  • John O’Connell

    A bit of a pathetic thread.

    I have a theory about this Sinn Fein flaw that demands that their genes are sexuallu attractive and its not complimentary.

    Ireland fears Sinn Fein’s soulless genes

    It’s those rightwing genes that Ireland sees, acknowledges and really fears. Sinn Fein TD Martin Ferris’ daughter, Toireasa, chair of Kerry County Council, showed us – some might say a bit too much of – those perfect sexually attractive genes on The Late Late Show not so long ago.

    It’s fair to say that Sinn Fein also have some spectacularly attractive men at the helm including Gerry Adams, Martin McGuinness and Gerry Kelly to take but a few examples. They are the picture of genetic perfection in a human sense. But why did they get involved in the first place?

    I believe that Martin McGuinness got involved because he didn’t accept the authority of SDLP leaders on the basis that he and his associates believed that they were superior genetically. The handsome Martin McGuinness was not going to tip the cap to the inferior John Hume, just like the handsome Gerry Adams (a barman) was not going to tip the cap to the inferior Gerry Fitt in west Belfast.

    Prior to the Troubles, as teenagers both Martin McGuinness and Gerry Adams had signally failed to achieve even a single O’level pass in the exam process, yet they deemed themselves better equipped to deal with the Troubles than men like John Hume, Seamus Mallon, (a headmaster), Austin Currie (a teacher), Paddy O’Hanlon (a lawyer) and so on.

    The basis of their reasoning was not simply political, but genetic. They believed that they were superior in genetic terms to those who had succeeded in the exam process.

    I’ve seen it often in my own life here in Derry. These attractive streetwise kids couldn’t identify with the teachers in the education system, because the teachers tended to be plain and inferior. These young boys had no respect for the teachers because they believed that they were superior and that they would succeed in life without losers like teachers helping them. It demonstrates what many of us suspect already – that there may be a genetic quality to delinquency.

    We had a recent example of Gerry Adams’ belief in his own superior genes when he was talking to the “inferior” Sean O’Rourke on RTE’s The Weekend in Politics. Adams continuously smiled patronisingly at the well-informed O’Rourke as if to suggest that it was beneath him to have to deal with such an irritation. Adams tends to do that with O’Rourke and other interviewers, whose genes he perceives as inferior to his own. Of course Adams works on the basis of sexual attractiveness and those he perceives to be inferior are usually ugly or very plain like John Hume, who Adams thinks he completely gutted during their talks process by going on to win many more votes for Sinn Fein.

    These Sinn Fein leaders are used to dismissing the humanity of other people. They would have done it with ugly girls all their formative years.

    In my own experience, men like Gerry Adams are only boys who have never really grown up. They are shallow, unfeeling, cold and callous. But sexually attractive people tend to be like that to people who are not sexually attractive. They use other people and they generally tend to believe that they have the upper hand when it comes to the ugly or plain people.

    Mainstream Ireland fears Sinn Fein like blacks fear white supremacists, not because they would give us poverty in a Cuba but because they might give us gas chambers in our equivalent of Auschwitz as they strive for our Aryan heritage.

    But there is a drawback to having sexually-attractive genes in that the “perfect” genes tend to be tainted with spiritual shallowness. This is the trade-off between the moment and the eternal. Those who seek to breed with sexually attractive people tend to live for self-gratification and those who marry for love tend to have eternal values or a soul. Souls feel pain; shallow people feel little or nothing of other people’s pain.

    That’s the reason why Sinn Fein fought the war against the British, a war that was doomed to defeat on anybody’s terms. They fought it because they simply did not feel the pain of the people they were supposed to be fighting for or of their enemy who was more caught in a tricky situation than anything else.


  • John O’Connell

    Why Ireland fears Sinn Fein’s soulless genes (Continued)

    That is why mainstream Ireland is so outraged by Sinn Fein. It is challenging the genetic quality of its Christian inheritance. It asked them not to care about policemen, soldiers or Protestants during the Troubles and now it is asking them not to care about the basis of its way of life – Christian love and marriage without reference to sexual attractiveness. Sinn Fein councillor Toireasa Ferris exemplified this exactly when she appeared with her sexually suggestive clothes on The Late Late Show. But the concentration of genetically “superior” personnel at its helm render Sinn Fein an ongoing threat to Ireland’s political way of life. They are like Nietzche’s superhuman (superior) beings who invent their own morality – which includes some criminality and lawlessness – and this really offends other politicians and commentators who still honour the Christian way.

    Sinn Fein leaders appear to many to be essentially evil. In fact they don’t realise it but they are essentially evil. They are little Satans. If Satan were human he would have ensured that his genes were perfect. His forefathers would never have done anything out of love and so the chances of him having evolved from someone with inferior genes is remote. His forefathers would always seek the most sexually attractive genes. His genes would consequently be perfect in a mechanical sense but they would have no soul attached. He would have no soul because he had not suffered any human illness, disease, or genetic defect, being perfect. Satan would be utterly perfect genetically but infinitely shallow in Christian terms. That’s why he is Satan and that is why he would be termed evil, and not good.

    Without suffering man is essentially evil. He is shallow and deviant. That is the message of Genesis where God gave us suffering after we had sinned for the first time. You cannot stop yourself from inflicting pain on others unless you can identify with pain yourself. That is a basic tenet of human belief and living. The reason why you don’t inflict pain is because you know it hurts others as it would you: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. That is the golden rule of life and the basis of Christian teaching.

    Yet Gerry Adams leads an organisation that elevates Satan in a very real sense – through its putting on a pedestal shallow men with very good, sexually-attractive genes – and he doesn’t particularly care who gets hurt as a result of the Troubles because he has no feelings in himself, other than shallow feelings, that might prevent those he leads from engaging in acts of war.

    So what God is saying about Gerry Adams is that he is essentially someone who honours Satan. That is why it was no accident that Gerry Adams was opposed by the SDLP with its non-violent origins going back through John Hume, to Martin Luther King, to Gandhi, to Tolstoy, Gandhi’s hero, who was fiercely Christian in a meaningful way, and ultimately to Jesus Christ. It was a genetic battle between Christ and Antichrist and it is still going on.

    The real reason we should fear Sinn Fein is that in reality they are a rightwing party masquerading as a socialist party. They have the same shallow, superficial, “perfect” genes as Silvio Berlusconi, (Right wing billionaire businessman), while the SDLP and all the main southern parties have similar weaker genes to Romano Prodi (Left of centre intellectual) to take a European example (Italy).

    Sinn Fein is in essence a little Ireland party in the way that the BNP is a little Britain party, and when its true nature “flowers”, it will be left open to the criticism that it has truthfully nothing to offer the poor, the underprivileged or even the ordinary working people of Ireland. It will appeal to an altogether more shallow market in Ireland’s fascist classes.

  • Bigger Picture

    Another family dynasty!!!

  • I’m not sure if that’s the real John O’Connell or some troll pretending to be John O’Connell, as I can no longer tell the difference, but What The Fuck Have You Been Smoking?

    If you start to feel odd this evening, ring 999 and get yourself to Altnagelvin’s psychiatric unit immediately.

  • John O’Connell

    A bit beyond you, Sammy, is it?

    Don’t worry, its called wisdom and not everybody has it.

  • Driftwood

    Let’s face it, the Conservatives have the best of the gene pool in this department. Mrs Ferris obviously has an Anglo-Norman husband.
    Sinn Fein have Ms Gildernew, Ms De Brun and Ruane. (Not exactly a calendar there guys!) and the SDLP Ms Ritchie.
    Some nice councillors for the UUP, Michelle McIlveen appears to be the DUP Sarah Palin, but only the Conservatives attract the top totty.
    Labour have Jacqui Smith (nuff said)and at 1 time I had a slight thing for Harriet Harman, but that was ages ago. Alongside Hana Mandlikova IIRC.

  • A bit beyond you, Sammy, is it?

    I’m glad to say it is. I hope it stays that well. Never liked the thought of living in a padded cell.

  • kensei

    Can the new site please have some kind of utter mentalism filter?

  • The Third Policeman

    I have to say SF’s Michelle O’Neill does it for me just fine thank you very much indeed.

    Haha lethal, acceptance word ‘girls’! No joke!

  • erasmus

    Can’t believe some of the rubbish written here oabout T. Ferris. In the fizogg department she is all rightish but I wouldn’t look twice at her.
    As for her politics – I’m voting in her constituency and she will get my vote (i.e. 10th preference).

  • Driftwood

    The Third policeman:

    Surely well chavish. I couldn’t possibly take her to a dinner party in Somerset. I’m not even sure I’d hire her as a waitress.
    After 8 pints, well, maybe, but you’d creep out afterwards, 6 am.

    There must be better than that!

  • redhugh78
  • redhugh78
  • Driftwood

    ok ok

    And she’d probably make a fry the next morning.

    But not A1 Tory totty. Where she’d get the maid involved.

  • latcheeco

    Perhaps if you weren’t so choosey you wouldn’t be up so late there on the computer

  • Harry Flashman

    Way back in the early ’80s when I was a mere boy of 13 or so, I really thought Sile DeValera was hot, honestly I did.

    Was she?

  • Babeuf

    1-4… Misogyny and supremacism alive and well on the part of Unionists, eh? Oh wait, nature of the ideology again!

  • An fhirinne gharbh

    Sammy, I wouldn’t suggest to John O’Connell that he phone 999 – that’s just 666 upside down and reveals your Satanic origin.

  • RG Cuan

    This thread has become quite ridiculous so i thought i’d add to it…

    I was in BÁC / Dublin over the weekend and some of Labour’s candidates for the local elections would beat any Tory Totties hands down.

    Check out Maria Parodi, Rebecca Moynihan…

  • leather

    Don’t quite see how my original post outlining how a mother of two seemingly defending baby killers on Vincent Browne equates to me being a wanking teenager (Ala Circle)… but here it is again, now Circle, read very slowly:

    She is repugnant. She was on Vincent Browne recently claiming she had no shame or remorse for any IRA victims. Spouting the same old story about people on both sides blah blah blah. Even when VB asked her about the children who died, as she is a mother of two small children thought she might have a bit of compassion but nope, it was all a means to an end for her. So there you have it, babies died so she could be elected.

    As for the name Leather… (which warranted a FFS) my name is Lea Theron. As from my follow up ‘Nah’ best clear that up and all, Nah I would have no interest being anywhere near a bed with Toireasa Ferris.

  • circles

    Didn’t stop you playing along all chummy with a mysogynistic looper like UMH did it Lea?
    UMH: “Leather, her political and moral views maybe screwed up, but would you kick her out of bed for farting?”
    Leather: “Nah…”

    As for “babies died so she could be elected” – you may not be a teenage wanker but you have the mentality and political understanding of an outraged 15 year old.

  • An fhirinne gharbh

    Isn’t Maria Parodi a great name, though? Beyond satire.

  • leatheregg

    You may not be a teenage wanker but you have the mentality and political understanding of an outraged 15 year old.

    AKA views differing from your own and freedom of speech Circles. Two things I suspect SF and their supporters probably dislike.

    And so what if UMH prattled out some trivial nonsense, it’s an internet reply to a blog. Maybe drop the anger and hatred at suspected slights… all though that is probably against the SF ethos as well… as is condoning baby killing, but hey, as I all ready mentioned, freedom of speech and all that

  • circles

    hehehe – although as you may be disappointed to read- i’m not a SF supporter so theres your teenie bubble burst. You see its possible to disagree with blatant brainless sexism and still not be a SF voter.
    Surprised? Don’t worry there’ll be a few more surprises as you grow up and realise the world isn’t just balck and white (or orange and green)

  • another pleb

    But isn’t this just another part of the SF Master Strategy?

    A photogenic, terrorism lite, fresh new southern face for every election to try and stop the northern crims with dubious pasts frightening the electors.

    Mary Lou Mcdonald MEP (she who bombed in the General Election) is the template.

    It seems to be another part of the gradual move from Republicanism to conservatism and (so far) gets confused when put in the spotlight about attrocities past, how do you keep the core diehards happy and still appeal to the southern voters who could not care less about republicanism and don’t like people who murder Gardai?

    Must be especially difficult for Toireasa with her family background.

  • Faolchu

    That was a priceless thread by John O’Connell! I mean i’ve already argued against Sinn Fein’s electorial policy on here before but this guy’s taking it to a whole other level.

    Devil Worshipper’s???

    Martin McGuinness good looking???

    Ha ha!!!

  • Gael gan Náire

    I think Tomás Ó Searcaigh is a man to watch, certainely one one the most capable of Sinn Féin’s younger contingent.

  • circles

    yes GGN – but as John the wise asks are his genes sexually attractive (or was it is he sexually attractive i jeans)?
    John are you sure you’re not Pat MCabe praticing for a new novel?

  • Gael gan Náire

    Can a politican be attractive?

    I would think it would be a turn off?

  • John O’Connell


    That was a priceless thread by John O’Connell!

    Thanks. I thought it was pretty good myself.


    John are you sure you’re not Pat MCabe praticing for a new novel?

    I’m pretty sure the last time I checked. But thanks for the compliment.

  • RG Cuan

    Any ladies on today to comment on Ó Searcaigh’s looks?! 😉

    Ádh mór ar Thomás, tá súil agam go n-éiríonn leis.

  • circles

    Ahhh John, have you read many Pat McCabe books? He writes in the first person, the voice generally being a delusional and highly disturbed individual who has been shat upon by life in some way.
    I wouldn’t be taking it as a compliment if i were you mate – but I just find it hard to believe that you can believe your own madness.

  • Driftwood

    In South Dublin last weekend, a few friends commented on the grubbiness and lack of decent (male and female)babes/hunks in Southern Ireland. A few females did admit a thing for Boris Johnson.
    None for Cowan, Empey, Robinson, Adams etc. 1 for Cameron. and 1 , inexpicibably, for David Miliband.
    SF lowlife weren’t mentioned. Pyjamas and WKD not seen as a good trait there. They did agree though that the Conservative Party was where the female ‘talent’ was top of the tree. As you would expect.
    Submit word here-Quite