PICamp: still looking for your ideas…

Getting close now. I’ll be calling in to the Beeb later on this evening to record an explanation of what the whole PICamp unconference thing is all about. In short hand it’s about convening a smart crowd of people who all know different things (technology/people/politics) and focusing their attention on what can be done get our politics to rise to the challenge of a faster, smarter, (or perhaps if you’re looking down the wrong end of the telescope, more temperamental and capricious) electorate. We’ll be asking those of you who come along tomorrow to set the day’s agenda. But here’s just one of the ideas we’ve received, in the last few weeks:

As the distance between citizens and the politcal decision making process grows ever wider, perhaps there is a mechanism that will allow people to genuinely engage and promote non-partisan, high quality policy guidance that makes a real difference to people’s lives. One such initiative exists in the United States – devised and delivered by an Associate Professor from Harvard who is now taking a genuine interest in Northern Ireland. I spent three days with that Professor last week meeting a series of stakeholders at Stormont and elsewhere – to gauge their reaction and test their thoughts. I’d like to introduce the initiative, The Common Interest, to Picamp members and see what they think.

– Paul McErlean

Or there is this pretty simple one, asking should the Speaker at Stormont adopt My Societies three principles?

Post yours here: http://picamp.ning.com/forum

  • Pigeon Toes

    “I’d like to introduce the initiative, The Common Interest, to Picamp members and see what they think.”

    Chatham House Rules then?

  • blinding

    My suggestion is as Britain has moved to Presidential style politics why not just elect a President (American style)
    The whole shooting match that exists now needs changing.

  • Pigeon Toes – you’re mixing it up with Common Purpose I think?

  • aquifer

    Do we even know how all of our (non-abstentionist) MPs vote each time?

    MPs can tell their constituents anything they want to hear while ducking every issue.

    This arrangement suits the wrap the flag around me gangs who want to keep the politics out of sectarian brinkmanship.

    It also suits crooked or lazy GB MPs, but with fewer fatalities.