SF giving up on the north, west and south?

SF’s 26 county election broadcast is on youtube. Mary Lou is very much the focus. Pádraig Mac Lochlainn gets around 5 seconds of speaking time from what looks like old Ard Fheis footage and the other 3 European contendors get no time at all. It seems to be all their eggs in one basket and a campaign focus on the FF/Green record and Dublin over anything really related to Europe. (btw, the music makes me think CrimeWatch reconstruction – awful)

  • The Raven


    I dunno about the rest of you, but *I’m* inspired…

  • BillyD

    What does Economic Grofe mean????

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    pity a crypto-insurgent-disser didnt stand to confirm what I presume you would agree would have been a very poor result for them?

    No doubt a poor turnout (under 50%) will be claimed by the crypto-insurgent-dissers as ‘evidence’ of a potential groundswell of support with noone for them to vote for.

  • Mark McGregor

    I have no idea what a ‘crypto-insurgent-disser’ is. Sounds like deflection.

    Back to the PEB that didn’t have any real contribution from Padraig or anyone else…………

  • Driftwood

    I really love that ‘Votail’ Sinn Fein bit. Like we’re talking ‘Irish’ here. Doncha geddit ‘Irish’! OK we don’t know how to speak the fuckin language , but we know enough to ‘pass ourselves’ in relevant company.
    As for the rest, it could have been a Tory/Alliance/SNP/BNP/UKIP broadcast. Very funny in a cliched sense.
    I’d like to see the FF/FG/Labour ones actually. I suspect all parties (UK and Ireland) are 90% cut and paste guff.
    gerry Adams sounds like the voiceover in those UK 1970’s public information adverts about not going near ponds-“I’ll be back, back back ” etc. If anyone can find a link?

  • Driftwood

    Here it is!

    Gerry’s accent would have been better….

  • Jonrus

    How much of the Irish language do you speak, Driftwood?

  • The Raven
  • The Raven

    oops…sorry Driftwood, I missed your post! Sorry for the repeat…

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    SF only have one seat and their eggs are already in one basket – they will do very well(given the reduction in seats) to hold that one and probably wont – the PEB probably does as you say partly reflect that reality but also the fact that Mary Lou has a higher profile already and is a good electoral asset.

    re. have no idea what a ‘crypto-insurgent-disser’ is. Sounds like deflection.

    I was referring to the absence of Colin Duffy in the election, the reason for using the term ‘crypto-insurgent-disser’ is that he represents a particular political breed that seems to suggest that republican violence is to be expected given the political arrangments and navigates an ambigious unconvincing path when challenged over their support for this violence.

    Unlike the TUV who reject mainstream Unionism’s view of the world the crypto-insurgent-dissers have so little support they cant risk standing in the election where their embarassament would probably finish them off.

  • barnshee

    SF (like all local politicians) are now firmly stranded up shit creek, -without the proverbial paddle-largely because they never had one.

    Any party based on sectarian head counts and opposition to “themmuns” as a political policy is well fucked when this “policy” is shelved or diluted or pushed off front page -even temporarily

    What do these parties propose to do when they are
    dependent on someone else for money ( UK EU??)– er make videos about how terrible other parties are/were -how would they fix it– er dunno don`t say

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    I agree with the Driftwood. SF party political broadcasts are rather cliched, tacky and not a bit user friendly for everyone of NI….Looks amateurish, with Gerry’s booming voice and the diddly iddly music in the background. No wonder Unionists run a mile.

    Mind you same goes for Unionists PPB’s, too much red, white and blue, God Save the Queen, the British Army and all that.

  • percy

    agreed greagoir, both are dull boring and uninspiring.
    They’re both NI parties, ( though both think they’ve appeal outside that base )
    They haven’t!

  • Up The Slappers

    The quality of slappers has certainly gone up. I doubt Mary Lou’s brats are in prefabs. Only Micky Mudd and Paddy Stink go there.
    Adams looks like he needs Gerry Kelly or some Provo goon standing behind him.

    A good Kremlin era broadcast.

  • latcheeco

    The chucks used to do fairly decent PEB’s. This wasn’t one of their best. They need to shake the appearance that they’re out of their depth (I’m not sure how).Too much emphasis on what the other guy did and little offering of what you’re going to do (or even what you did). Always bet on the guy offering hope but there was little of it here.
    Lol. Way to try and change the thread with “at least we have one. Where’s yours?” And to think the Brits used to be your main opponents.

  • Bigger Picture

    To be fair it’s better than the Northern Irish attempt, it was just Gerry Adams shouting slogans, i felt like i was in Red Square…

  • redhugh78

    HaHaHa, God, you all really hate the uppity Fenians that are Sinn Fein.
    I really hope they increase their mandate to really sicken the anti-Repubican posters on this blog.
    Up the Shinners I say.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    Jeez you rumbled me there.

    Its such a shame we are not going to have a PEB by the crypto-dissers.

  • latcheeco

    The chucks probably have one on file that they could have borrowed 🙂