Why shouldn’t I vote for SF?

My vote is up for grabs and I’ve even claimed a cigarette from a canvasser will get it. It’s my first election where SF aren’t automatically guaranteed a No.1 and then the rest of them transfers in a way most likely to damage the stoops.

I left SF a few years back and am unhappy with many things like their attitude to the PSNI/RUC, lack of any left policies delivered in Stormont, implementing things like PPP/PFI (Workplace), screwing class-room assistants, failing to deliver an ILA, abolishing academic selection or anything else of substance and criminalising forms of republicanism they reject.

But when it comes down to it, what has that got to do with Europe? I don’t get on with Bairbre but I still respect most of their European team. When it comes to European policies, voting records, partners, positions, groups they bring out and anything that actually has to do with Europe there isn’t a cigarette paper’s worth of difference between what I’d like to see an MEP do in Europe and what SF actually do.

There has been no canvasser round this door from SF yet, I’m probably seen as ‘white’ (SF marking for an absolute no chance of a vote) but if we are voting on Europe, I really should be one of SF’s best chances of a Number One – I do agree with them on Europe.

I’m still more likely to spoil my ballot than anything but if I was voting on the issues it’d be a certainty SF got my vote. I wonder how many others are considering their vote on the basis of anything other than what it is really about?

Maybe I should reconsider.

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