Two Tory MEPs back Jim, er Allister…

Wrong Jim lads, wrong Jim… Nicholson’s the party’s official horse in the race… My colleague at the Daily Telegraph knows a good small ‘c’ conservative MEP when he sees one, and Allister, it would appear is it:

“Northern Ireland is tremendously lucky to have Jim Allister…he is a champion of the whole of the UK, not just for Ulster, a genuine patriot, a tireless defender of our national interests. Jim Allister is Northern Ireland’s best friend in the European Parliament.”

Jim Helmer is the other:

“With his analytical mind, Jim Allister, in a few sentences, can expose the Lisbon Treaty as the charter for EU super-statehood, which it undoubtedly is. His presence in Parliament, not just as a great ambassador for Northern Ireland, but as a leader of Euro-scepticism has been invaluable. I hope very much we shall continue to work together in the next European Parliament.”

Reg, when did you last talk to David?

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