Three thoughts on online engagement…

I’d give the SDLP good marks for online engagement. Sunder at the Fabians’ blog likes the Maginness is good for EU blog… I kinda like the logo too (it’s fun)… But, what’s with the Beyonce competition that started erupting all over Facebook last night (or was it the night before)… I’ve no doubt she’s a ‘lovely girl’, but hey, what on earth has that got to do with politics lads/lasses? And lastly, Chekov is going to be Twittering Cameron Direct from the Braid Centre in Ballymena… But guess what? No Wifi! That’ll be one of them there obstacles to communicating on the net. Picamp, etc… Come on Ballymena…

  • Mick – no Wifi and no mobile phone reception either. Hence no tweets either!

  • Carson’s Cat

    “Mick – no Wifi and no mobile phone reception either. Hence no tweets either!”

    Wasn’t being streamed live either – think even the Scottish ones got that.

  • Alban Maginness is doing lots to contact first time voters in this election, to listen to their views and ask for their vote on June 4th. The campaign slogan (When We Win, You Win) was chosen because when the SDLP are strong, Northern Ireland is always better off. A win for us is a win for everyone.

    The competition to win tickets to Oxegen & Beyoncé is just a bit of fun. It’s also being sent out on postcards to first time voters and on postcards distributed by SDLP Youth at universities and colleges.