How PICamp will work next Tuesday (urgent – register now if you haven’t already)…

The ‘PICamp’ idea is coming together now. BBC Hearts & Minds will be along to cover it. No doubt picking out who’s there, and who isn’t! 😉 Paul Evans, one of the guys doing a lot of the work behind the actual event has written the bulk of this post. (And he’s looking for a pub to recommend for ‘afters’)… Or there’s the Belfast Salon, for those with the energy to go on…

It’s really important that – if you want to come – you should register now with the site at

There’s a post up on the PICamp site explaining exactly what the format is on the day and how it will work. It’s here:

We have a Pizza (pie, geddit?) sponsor in the wonderful Chambre Public Affairs –

Please make sure anyone you know that wants to come has registered with the site – we’ve got 90 people registered with the site, and lots of people on the Facebook group that haven’t signed up with the site. We had a capacity of about 80 but QUB have indicated that they may be able to get us another room which will give us a few more place.

We can only offer a wireless connection to people who are registered by the end of today (Thursday).

There are some great session ideas in the Forum, and our experience of unconferences is that half-a-dozen new ideas appear on the day.;

If anyone knows any MLAs or their staff, please urge them to come because there will be a session on how MLAs and Councillors can be …. er…. ‘encouraged’ to use social media tools more than they do at the moment.

Paul Evans (Unorganiser)