PSNI as you may not have heard them before.

Just a quite update on a few things that I have noticed happening and I thought I would post up having decided to give myself somewhat of a rest day.

First up, a policing board have held their first meeting in Irish. Predictibly some Unionists are less than happy. Is Jim ever happy I wonder?

Irish speakers may be pleased to know that the PSNI wish to recruit more Gaelic speaking officers.

I note also …

“It also emerged at the meeting last night in the City Hotel that a team of Gaelic-speaking PSNI officers are currently in training to deliver programmes in Irish schools”

Certainely many principal in areas with a high number of children / parents from areas which oppose the PSNI would have to thread carefully lest they lose families as a result of inviting PSNI officers to a school, in other areas I would not see there being much of a problem.

It is understood that up to 80 PSNI officers are engaged in learning Irish through courses arranged by the force.

I hope this new attitude filters down to officers on the streets, some of whom can react very badly on hearing the Irish language. Then again, the Gardaí aren’t always too pleased either.

In other news Iontaobhas na Gaelscolaíocht have launched the Big Irish language survey. I am not entirely sure of what it aims to achieve but given the time I love a good survey.

The Irish News reports that pupils in Irish medium schools ‘are achieving better English results than children in English-medium schools’.

“Figures from 2007/08 obtained by The Irish News show that 82 per cent of children in Irish-medium schools achiev-ed level four or five in English compared to 78.8 per cent of children in English-medium schools.”

Friday night sees Gradaim Chumarsáide an Oireachtais 2009, the Irish language medium awards in Dublin.

This year we Ultaigh (Ulstermen) are well represented, can the Connacht men be defeated?

In the radio program of the year category Blas (BBC Raidió Uladh) and Na Giollaí Deacra (Raidió Fáilte) have been nominated. Eoghan Ó Néill (Raidió Fáilte) has a radio personality nomination.

Pól Ó Muirí (The Irish Times/Comhar) and Tomaí Ó Conghaile (Nós*/Nuacht 24) are nominated for journalist of the year along with Eoghan Ó Néill (An Druma Mór/Nuacht 24).

A great young computer and technology journalist Diarmuid Ó Muirgheasa (Nós*) has also got a nomination for his writting in nós*. An Cailín sa Chathair has also got a nomination for her, well, sex column in nós*.

If nós* don’t win at least three prizes I am going to chain myself up somewhere!

Anything else, well I have noticed that Seymour Major over at Ni Tory Story has produced a series of posts on the Irish Language Act debate. I shall hopefully get the chance to return to that one.

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