Why not just switch off and go out and do something less boring instead?

As we get closer to voting day in the European election all of a sudden some commentators are interested in things like attendance rates at Plenary sessions and treat this as an indicator of commitment to European work or ability as an MEP.

Now may be the time to point out the absolute uselessness of this stat and looking at Plenary attendance at all.

The EP mainly works on a consensus basis where group voting patterns on reports etc. are set via the work in committee – mostly horse-trading between the EPP and PES. After those positions are agreed the votes at the main Plenary sessions become set piece displays of high farce, people making speeches and arguments in agreed slots knowing not a single vote will be affected (most other MEPs don’t even both their arses sitting in), an exercise in costly pointlessness. In all but the rarest of cases attending a Plenary is utterly futile, your speech won’t matter, your vote won’t matter and nothing changes. But come an election this stupid stat examining willingness to attend every meeting suddenly becomes a judgement factor – so get your arse in that seat and waste your own and everyone else’s time Mr/Ms/Mrs MEP.

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