Which political parties actually do support the UDA?

Over on Brassneck I’ve blogged the UCU poster story. This is, or should be, highly embarrassing to David Cameron, and he would be well advised to do something about it if is even half way serious about his promise to take sectarianism out of politics here.

Although how far his rivals will be able to push the knife home is open to conjecture. The SDLP’s Alban Maguinness today notes that three prominent members of the UDA, whose funding had been cut in principle by Margaret Ritchie are now being salaried by European funding. Funding that, the SDLP allege, has been sanctioned by the Office of First Minister and deputy First Minister. Funding that was originally sanctioned by Peter Hain in order to provide the UDA with the resources to turn from violence to having its own political presence.

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