19 Arrests at Notre Dame So Far

See http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5j6Yrs9MYliOAhf5vv1pShKraTJSQD987HPL80

  • Norma McCorvey, ie Jane Roe from ‘Roe V Wade’, (who is now pro-life) was also arrested. As was the former presidential candidate Alan Keyes (for the second time in fact) and is now being held without bail.

  • Seymour Major

    You cant win with the French. They love to protest.

    If Obama had been anti abortion, the “Women’s right to chose” crowd would have been out protesting somewhere else in Paris

  • Seymour Major

    Maybe its not France!!!

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    “You cant win with the French. They love to protest.”

    “Maybe its not France!!!”

    Indeed, and that could have been very embarassing for you Seymour!

  • Big Maggie

    Go, Our Lady.

  • If the anti-choicers had given him a chance and not got their outrage in first, Obama could have declared himself to be have secretly on their side all along. After all, he’s already screwed the people who voted for him because they thought he was anti-DOMA, anti-Military Commissions, anti-NAFTA… why not screw the pro-choicers who voted for him?

  • Harry Flashman

    Quite true Mark, as Mark Steyn asked why is Carrie Prejean (the US beauty queen who was vilified for her honest answer to a question about gay marriage) being picked on when her views are no different from those publicly expressed by Barack Obama?

    He’s a hypocrite, face it.

  • IRIA


  • Penelope

    what a bunch of prats

    The graduates worked damn hard to earn their degrees yet these people think they are SO correct in their point of view that they have the right to disturb the ceremonies to score political points becasue they have issues with the commencement speaker.

    yea yea… free speech… norte dame… catholics… confilcts with Obama’s agenda… points taken and I get it.

    Still doesn’t change my view that if it was me or a loved one graduating I’d be angry at those few ruining a day worked so hard for so many.

  • abucs

    I think the protests are centred around why a Catholic University is honouring a man who has only been president for a short while with a Law Degree.

    Especially when his first move as president was to make legal the giving of Government money to American groups whose rationale is to likewise go all around the world and make legal, establish, encourage and then make a universal human right, abortion practices.

    There have also been movements in his short term in office to discuss legally denying medical staff ‘the right to choose’ not to ‘perform’ abortions.

    And please, this group is not ‘pro choice’. Not just from the above example but there are few moves by this organisation to speak out on the ‘one child policy’ in China. In fact it is tacitly supported and this group are encouraging a ‘two child policy’ in the Philippines. This is very far from a ‘Pro Choice’ stand. The biggest threat to ‘pro choice’ on the planet comes from China, yet the ‘pro choice’ group are deafingly silent about this.

    I think the protests here were not that Obama was speaking or being recognised but that he was given an honoury LAW DEGREE from a Catholic institution.

    The Notre Dame heirachy are signally their contempt for Catholic teaching, and the rank and file Catholic protesters (and others) are equally signalling their contempt back.

  • Danny O’Connor

    the point is that ND decided to honour BHO , the fault does not lie with those who are trying to ensure that a Catholic University behaves like one and does not de-value the degrees that all those students worked so hard for by giving a degree to the most pro-death politician in America-this man vetoed a bill in Illonois that would have protected live babies from failed abortions.A man who would not want his daughter PUNISHED with a baby.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    Tom Coyne writes, “Rev. Norman Weslin, founder of the Lambs of Christ abortion protest group”

    Why didn’t he give him his proper title, “Fr. Norman Weslin, Roman Catholic Priest”?

    Maybe Coyne should have called him Rabbi Norman Weslin to get the Jews interested? Wouldn’t be the first time a Jesuit wrote under the guise of a Jew

  • “There have also been movements in his short term in office to discuss legally denying medical staff ‘the right to choose’ not to ‘perform’ abortions.”

    You mean “go back to the way things were before 15 December 2008”?

  • zzz


    My comment in the last thread on this was removed, for some reason. It said simply “who cares?” Why was it removed, and I ask again, who cares?

  • 6countyprod

    Go back to sleep, zzz!

  • Greenflag

    Catholic Observer.

    The 19 protesters were NOT students and they were arrested for trespassing when they stepped on the campus, which is private property, Notre Dame police spokesman Dennis Brown told CNN Radio.

    Among those arrested was Alan Keyes former Republican Presidential nomination seeker.

    Wow 19 out of 60 million American RC’s in a country with a population of 300 million .

    Methinks they doth protest too much and that Keyes chap is bat shit loopy for verily he hath saith unto his disciples that the Lord hath sent Obama to earth to destroy America and impose communism on all -faithful and unfaithful alike :(.

  • Greenflag

    abucs ,

    ‘The Notre Dame heirachy are signally their contempt for Catholic teaching’

    Naw they’re just following Christ’s teaching as overheard in one of his sermons .

    They are rendering unto Caesar that which is Caesars and unto God that which is God’s .

    A precursor of the much later developed concept of the division of Church and State of which Thomas Jefferson spoke and wrote eloquently and which forms the basis of the American Constitution .

  • Rethinking Unionism

    Greenflag..biblical hermeneutics is clearly not your thing. Notre Dame are not required to honour a US president by conferring a degree They have chosen to do so despite what the US Bishops have said. That says a lot more about whether Notre Dame is an authentic Catholic Institution than it does about the President. In some ways this is a family dispute in which the President has become embroiled. On the one hand are those who believe that engaging the President in debate about life issues will yield a change in the Adminstration’s attitude . On the other, many Catholics belive that such an honour will produce confusuon and have no impact whatsoever on the President’s posiiton. Early evidence suggests that the latter position is correct.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Can someone, especially the practicing Catholics here, explain to me why the protestors at Notre Dame have chosen to highlight Obama’s position on abortion, rather than his position on the death penalty ?

    Looking at the footage on the BBC, Obama appeared to be receiving strong support from the floor, and shows him receiving several ovations while he outlined his stance. During the heckling the student body appeared to rise to the floor to shout down the hecklers.

    It sounds like this “protest” is politically partisan rather than anything to do with this being a Catholic university, and it also sounds like the protestors comprise a small minority.

  • Danny O’Connor

    It is for several reasons,the sheer numbers,his stance on removing the freedom of Catholic doctors and nurses not to perform abortions,his stance on the right to life of children who survive attempted abortions.
    to compare the death penalty with abortion is like comparing apples with tennis balls,guilt and innocense

  • Comrade Stalin

    It is for several reasons,the sheer numbers,

    What are you saying here Danny ? I don’t want to put words in your mouth but do you mean the RC church only voices its opposition when it is popular to do so ?!?

    removing the freedom of Catholic doctors and nurses not to perform abortions

    Only Catholic doctors and nurses ? Non-Catholic medical professionals are unaffected ?

    to compare the death penalty with abortion is like comparing apples with tennis balls,guilt and innocense

    So it’s the Catholic opinion that the death penalty is sort of OK because they’re guilty ?

  • Big Maggie

    The usual hypocrisy from the usual anti-choice people. Obama was heckled for his stance on abortion and four men were arrested. Says it all really.

    The big story is the forthcoming report on child abuse not foetus abuse.

  • Danny O’Connor

    Comrade,The church teaches that human life is sacred,I am not advocating the death penalty ,I am pointing out that there are two completely different processes involved.
    Catholic pastorial care is firstly about looking after your own flock,so primarily the concern is for Catholic medical staff,the church teaches that abortion is a sin,therefore it wishes to prevent people from engaging in it,the law is that abortions are legal,so it is important that people can opt out on religious or moral grounds.The Catholic issue comes into play much more because Catholic hospitals will be forced to carry out abortions as will Catholic staff.The US bishops have said that they will close them rather than do this.

  • Greenflag

    rethinking unionism ,

    ‘biblical hermeneutics is clearly not your thing.’

    I agree . One look at a definition of hermeneutics was enough to convince .

    ‘ Contemporary or modern hermeneutics encompasses not just issues involving the written text, but everything in the interpretative process. This includes verbal and nonverbal forms of communication as well as prior aspects that impact communication, such as presuppositions, preunderstandings’

    I guess I’ll never accept that a burning bush can not only talk but it’s utterings need ‘interpreting’ not only in the original Aramaic but in the various translations into Greek , Hebrew and Latin not to mention English etc .Likewise I can’t rid myself of the belief that adults who twitch and jerk in religious ecstasy and babble in tongues are probably more in need of psychiatric counselling than an advanced course in ‘biblical hermeneutics’.

    As for digesting the Christ flesh in a communion wafer ? Pass the bleeding/moving statue ffs 🙁

    Anyway Obama got several standing ovations for his words and he did make the practical point that both sides should work to reduce the need for abortion by educating younger people to exercise responsibility in their behaviour . Sounds like a good idea .

  • willis


    If this speech and its reception is anything to go by BHO is assured of a second term. The implications for the GOP are truly frightening.

  • abucs


    ‘…… forms the basis of the American Constitution’.

    As you alluded to, separation of church and state is not actually in the American constitution. It is definately a latter day interpretation of a majority of Supreme Court judges based on a private letter that the third President of the U.S. sent to a baptist church group.

    I think legally, that interpretation is completely out of kilter with the words of the constitution and will at some stage be challenged. If you look at the original (and still current) words, intentions and environment of the drafting of the US constitution then the modern day interpretation looks completely stretched and probably the clearest example of law being made on the run by unelected Supreme Court judges without regard or respect to existing law.

    If those judges say greenflag really means redflag, then red it is, no matter what was originally said and meant. Not a good advertisement for democratic law in my book.