Vox-pop the non-anoraks

Of course Slugger attracts blogs and comment from those engaged with the election but it is also easy for us to get views from those not as interested. For example, I just asked my wife about the impact of candidates on her so far. While the DUP, SF, UUP, SDLP and TUV were easily recognised and known to her it was the ‘other two’ that got some interesting comment: Alliance – their poster campaign is so annoying. The candidate is Parlsey or something but the signs are like something from Father Ted ‘Down with that sort of thing’, you almost expect one to say ‘Jesus Saves’. Greens – is he Parsley? No he’s not, he looks like he needs a good shave and a suit whoever he is.
Go ahead, ask someone not that really into the election their view and stick up the response………

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