Application to raise steel fencing at Lisnaskea police station

A security alert in Rosslea, County Fermanagh, yesterday comes as the BBC reports moves to increase security at the police station in Lisnaskea. Adds Irish News report [subs req] And more on that security alert.

The PSNI station in Lisnaskea is to get extra security amid what the police describe as a “serious dissident threat” in County Fermanagh. A planning application has been submitted to increase the steel fencing around the station by 2.5 metres.

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  • Expenses111

    I recall Eddie McGrady wanted a blast wall outside Downpatrick Police Station pulled down. Thank God the Police can see through that bluffer

  • alan56

    Unfortunately many parts of Fermanagh are not enjoying the benefits of the ‘peace process’.Recently when doing a story down there I found many people were asking ‘what peace ?’ Large parts of the county are now ‘no-go’ areas for off-duty psni. Orde does not say much about it in public but I have seen the proof that it is true.

  • Big Maggie

    This is sad news. Are we to see a return of those picturesque fortifications? And all because of a handful of thugs who couldn’t care less about the will of the people.

  • Gene Hunt
  • Gene Hunt

    Oops should read Rosslea.

  • Gabriel

    Greatly exaggerated story yet again from what was several bags of fertiliser and a few parts that are suddenly construed as a ‘very large bomb’.One way of getting planning permission i suppose.

  • dunreavynomore

    Could the planners refuse permission and if so would the PSNI have to abide by their decision?
    I don’t believe permission was ever sought for the outposts all over places like Sth Armagh in the past or the fortification of barracks at that time.

  • redhugh78

    Components,elements,parts etc, what a load of tosh!’Fertilizer found on farmland’ the shock and horror of it all.
    Funny there is no pictures of the two bottles of shampoo.

  • joeCanuck

    And the damned barbed wire
    Gets higher and higher…..

  • Joe

    This is the legacy of greedy landgrabs.