“You can see the benefits of European transport policy”

Now I have lost count of the number of times I have got on that train at Holywood, but there is no way that my conversations have ever had that upbeat soundtrack Ian Parsley gets every time he speaks to someone in the Alliance Party’s PEB… Very upbeat and focused on the lack the local action on the economy from the Executive… (not a trick they’ll be able to play when they take up the Justice portfolio)… Interesting bigging up Obama’s Green New Deal… What do you make of it?


  • Sam

    Wow – A Northern Ireland politician actually talking about the economy, jobs and credible solutions to family problems.

    Now there’s something you don’t see every day.

    He’s got my vote.

  • fair_deal

    Not half bad, the movement helped it along. Possibly the focus was too tipped on the party brand and not communicating Ian’s surname enough. No doubt to try and get their vote out but think it went a bit overboard.

    Obviously a wee bit worried about the Greens eating into their vote (and building IJP’s green credentials for his probable run in North Down when they target the Green’s seat).

    Interesting Naomi came first and got almost a minute while Ford came at the end and got 30 secs. One down side – He didn’t say the word positive enough 😉

  • east belfast

    First Class. Internationalist, engaged, effective. That’s the kind of rep we need.

    Alliance 1
    SDLP 2
    Green 3

    That’s my card.

    PS Loved the new non-sectarian, multi-cultural Conservative & Unionist headline grabber this morning.


    You couldn’t make it up.

  • Looks good, lots of close up of Ian’s face showing how serious he is, targets a number audiences, uses Alliance politicians profiles to good effect.

    However the dynamic quick speak thing they’re doing in this video (the Nicholson’s as well) is really off putting.

    Repeating the words ‘positive’ and ‘europe’ does re-enforce the basic message but after a while all you hear is blah blah Europe blah blah blah Europe blah

    I do like the young lady who when asked why she’s confident in NI’s future replies it because of immigration.

    Hope obviously does not lie in the natives.

  • At the beginning as he’s on the platform at Holywood why did they not put up some Alliance Election posters on those lamposts behind him that are just screaming out to be postered.

    One of the best local Election broadcasts i’ve ever seen – but then i’m voting for him so i wud say that wudnt i. Still havent decided on my number two vote yet – well being Alliance i wud say that wudnt i.

  • Peter

    For me this shows you how behind we are in Northern Ireland when something like this seems to be the best so far.

    This had be me in stitches. Does the yellow of Alliance stand for cheese now? Cringe worthy throughout.

    Seems like a nice guy. Just doesn’t stand out as anything more than “anti-everybody else”. The alliance does love that fence.

  • Brian Walker

    The production values of PEBs have hugely improved since I reported NI elections,(last, 1983)! All those helpfully screened by Slugger have been quite well made, thanks to all those available production companies. For European elections in particular, it’s a soft sell. No one covers what Europe can do for me. Content-wise, they’re all pretty banal.It’s the nature of the beast. The Alliance team were appealing (I’d quibble about some production details but only they would be interested). But I have to add, even Jim Nicholson came over fairly well. A tribute to production.

  • rep

    Not that great a broadcast, thought Lo and Ford were good, the Parsley-Long engagement was a bit cringeworthy, and Parsley himself very dull and plain.

  • iluvni

    Does Mr Parsley want a UK referendum on the Lisbon Treaty?

  • slug

    I am a big IJP fan – a thoughtful guy with values I like – hope he will do well.

  • Danny O’Connor

    Very little on Europe though , except to point out how bad the current lot are,all about a shared society etc,more suited to an assembly election PPB (imho).

  • Dec

    I liked the English girl who said she was from a different culture.

  • John O’Connell


    How come the only broadcast so far not blogged with a link to U Tube was the SDLP’s? Any significance?

  • Plastic Paddy

    Sorry, but every time I see the name “Ian Parsley” I picture some sort of Muppet Show satire of that other famous Ian. . . and that amuses me very much.

  • slug

    He was just lucky those young people in the shopping centre that he strolled up to were so pleasant and positive.

    If he had strolled up to the Horseman it would have been less charming.

  • Why isn’t Parsley standing for the Greens?

  • Mark McGregor

    That was a really good PEB probably the best local one I’ve ever seen. Dynamic, modern, youthful and most of all with easy, simple, positive messages.

    Wouldn’t vote for him as he doesn’t represent anything I believe in but I can recognise a job well done when I see one.

    (he doesn’t have a cigarette he can spare ;0)?)

  • His election agent might trade you one for a vote.

    Ooops, no, can’t do that, that’s treating. Damn!

  • Junior Apparatchik

    Excellent broadcast. Positive about NI, clear about need for new approach; also evidently a knowledgeable candidate on Europe.

    As for this “don’t stand for anything” jibe, it’s getting a little tired. I got a greater role for NI in Europe, defence of small businesses, promotion of renewable energy. From all the others I’ve got “we need to do good things and stop bad things”.

    1 Parsley, 2 Nicholson (a gentleman, at least), 3 Maginness – that’s my card.

  • Anon

    I like Parsley, but i HATE this party election broadcast because the fake conversation on the train is so obviously, excruciatingly FAKE. If politicians, when they meet, actually talked in this scripted, painfully wooden fashion, it would scare me out of voting for any of them.

  • Fair play to ye Sylvia

    It is refreshing to see see a credible dynamic young candidate in Northern Ireland advocating a new and fresh approach to Northern Irish politics.

    Very impressed by the broadcast. Certainly the best that’s been shown so far. I am pleased to see that Alliance are beginning to show themselves to be a credible alternative to the traditional tribal political system. I actually think they’ll do quite well.

    As someone who left the UUP because of its inherant sectarianism and because I’m not a tory I’m happy that I have Parsley to vote for.

  • Observe

    Thought the broadcast was quite good but the opening ‘chat’ on the train with Naomi Long was awful, very fake and rehearsed.

    They definetly seem worried about the Greens eating into their vote thats for sure. Although from what im hearing about North Down etc the only reason the Alliance are standing is because the Greens are standing.

    The first young person he speaks to in the mall looks very much like a leading Alliance Youth Activist.

    Well put together anyway!

  • Although from what im hearing about North Down etc the only reason the Alliance are standing is because the Greens are standing.

    You hear wrong.

  • 2cents

    I thought they all looked like upper middle class Unionists, with a lot of fakery, who want to steal Green votes. It was entertaining. I really like Naomi Long – she spoke very well. I didn’t really listen to Anna Lo or the old bald guy at the end though.

  • Portadown Rocks!

    I think it’s was a great PEB…dynamic, youthful and offering something I could actually engage with and support….got my vote Ian.

  • Greenflag

    They mean well -Sound like nice folks . Ah go on go on go on and give them a vote 🙂 after the nice cuppa tea of course.

    Parsly is good for you a definite anti cancer palliative and symbol of healthy living . Mixed with butter it’s delicious on bread or boiled/roast potatoes 😉

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