Hermon: I can’t see myself standing under a Conservative ticket…

Well, it looks like the Tory UU link up has suffered its first major set back… Lady Hermon has, in the local jargon, thrown the head up and said no… North Down looks like it may be heading back to it’s accustomed status of ‘Maverick constituency’, though her statement on Evening Extra this evening made it sound as though the party was genuinely leaving her. Some of her party colleagues are convinced they can stand against her and win on a Tory ticket… I don’t agree. If Lady Hermon stands again, it is her seat almost against all comers. If she steps down, it will be a fight to the death between the UUs and the DUP. I’d be putting wee something on the latter, despite their historically poor record in North Down, they’ve chosen well in matching their two MLAs with a moderate, middle class constituency.

  • alan56

    Reg has played a poor hand quite well, I thought.
    Now is the test though.

  • Driftwood


    Informed speculation?

    Posted by alan56 on May 14, 2009 @ 12:46 AM

    Maybe. It’s a pity he can’t go for next Chief Constable here, but i’ve met the guy. Class A material. He’ll be in the next Cabinet. I doubt they’ll let him loose on the MoD just yet. I really hope he’s made SoS for NI though. Lord Trimble may be seen as slightly 1 sided, even by David Cameron’s non sectarian alliance.

  • Daphne

    [i]if Lord Trimble gets that post[/i]

    I just vomited all over myself. Urggghhhh. Dave calling the shots from London, Lundy Mitty carrying out the orders here, Fine Gael in power down south plus recession equals an unadulterated reciple for meltdown

  • Daphne

    [i]really hope he’s made SoS for NI though. Lord Trimble may be seen as slightly 1 sided[/i]

    Aye, whereas a former British Army colonel fresh out of a neo-imperalist galavant bordering on genocide will go down swimmingly indeed with the nationalist community. I can’t wait.

  • Driftwood

    recipe for leadership>>>


    David Cameron’s only worry is would Tim be a better PM?

  • Daphne

    [i]David Cameron’s only worry is would Tim be a better PM? [/i]

    Few too many glasses of the finest Vin de Pays d’Oc 1996 being had tonight in Bangor?

  • Collins has let it be widely known that he would take a Tory seat.

    And in an election in North Down, Sylvia would take Action Man up the arse and choke him to death by shoving the ballot papers that make up her majority down his throat. And kill him by the time she’d got through her best ballot box.

    I’m not a Sylvia worshipper by any stretch of the imagination, I’m just aware how well dug in Sylvia is in North Down, a constituency that historically likes locally attentive independents and disdains big parties.

  • Driftwood

    a constituency that historically likes locally attentive independents and disdains big parties.

    Oh yeah, Bob McCartney, and Dame James Kilfedder.
    Lawrence kennedy just missed out not so long ago.

    Lady Hermon (does she have a driver called Parker?) is passed her sell by date. Collins would walk in. Probably best suited to East Belfast-his home ground,though- where he would easily pass the incumbent [another of those and you are off the site, permanently – mods]- or Strangford, see previous.

  • Daphne

    [repetition and all that – mods]

    [i]Collins would walk in[/i]

    You are a deranged idiot. Put down the Chardonay and your 1/8 of grass and go to bed man.

  • Probably best suited to East Belfast-his home ground,though- where he would easily pass the incumbent

    Tim Collins would easily beat Robinson in East Belfast? Would he hypnotise the electorate or something? Robinson is as sharp an operator as they come, has had 30 years to dig in, and East Belfast is the sort of constituency that would, if we were in a ‘maihnlehnd’ election, only have elected Tories at the height of the Thatcher wave. Yet more evidence that the UCUNF project is based at best on self-delusion, at worst on outright self-deception.

  • granni trixie

    For the record APNI is truely a ‘catch all’ party,in a positive sense. Its membership have natural leanings to Labour,Liberal (and to a lesser degree,Conservative) and all in between. In the past they have welcomed dissidents from SDLP,Unionists and most other poitical shades.

    LADY S. would therefore be welcomed in Alliance but would have to accept the reality of diversity. Her other option is to stand alone – sounds like she had little of a party machine behind her in UUP anyway. Lets remember also that she was ‘brought’ into politics originally not through merit but because David Trimble made her the chosen one to get McCartney out (police connection etc) not working her way up the ladder. And Alliance stood aside – a mistake they are unlikely to repeat.

    She has done a reasonable job to make the most of the opportunity of being an MP and I cant see her giving that up easily.

    As I pointed out in an earlier post – she’s playing a blinder: she is topping the news not as part of the sleeze story but for her rejection of the Tory-UU linkup.

  • Silverline

    The UUP are in totally meltdown in North Down over Hermon and also the UU Councillor from Holywood who does not attend any Council meetings its just a total disaster the DUP could not have wished for a better present.

  • DC

    Why does everyone rule out a Labour switch, I mean it’s not like Labour are organising here or nothing!!!!

  • Comrade Stalin


    Comrade, alliance has kicked dirt in the eyes of UUP as they face demise, alliance returning the dirt likewise.

    If you spit in the eye of such people who belong to such parties please don’t try and shake hands at the same time as it looks silly!

    I just spent about five minutes trying to decode the above, but I haven’t had success. I don’t know what you mean about kicking dirt, returning dirty, spitting in the eye of people or shaking hands.

    My opinions essentially are :

    – UCUNF isn’t the same party as the one which is likely to win the next General Election. Whatever it is, it seems to be quite confused. I searched for “Ulster Conservatives and Unionists” and the closest thing which came up was the old UUP website, which says UUP all over the place and is still being updated with press releases.

    – Lady Sylvia is very much a Unionist, albeit a soft one, and probably would not be comfortable in Alliance; likewise the party would likely find her a bit of a hot potato. The past policy of standing aside in elections hasn’t worked well for the party and I’d say it’s unlikely that Sylvia will get a free run. Back in the day, standing aside in elections was about consolidating pro-Agreement tribal candidates and keeping out the DUP. Now that the DUP are pro-Agreement, and the UUP do not pose a significant threat to the institutions despite being somewhat anti-Agreement, this is no longer necessary.

    – Jim Nicholson is going to go right to the wall during this election before he is returned. It will be a nail-biting count, I wish I could be there. The UUP believe that the UCUNF linkup is a game-changer. However, it’s the DUP’s adoption of pro-agreement politics which is the real game changer. If nationalists come to believe, as I think they already are, that a vote for the UUP is a vote against devolution of policing powers and a vote against consolidation of the agreement, where a vote for the DUP is more favourable, they will begin transferring to the DUP ahead of the UUP, which would lead to some interesting outcomes in the Assembly elections.

    – nationalists will never identify with the gentry aristocratic pro-military class that comprises much of the Tory party.

  • ABC

    I’m sure the family of Paul Cochrane would be interested in a Tim Collins candidacy in Belfast East…..

  • ABC

    “Lawrence kennedy just missed out not so long ago.”

    17 years ago and you still don’t shut up about it! For flip sake at least England fan’s celebrate an actual World Cup victory rather than a defeat! Kilfedder handily saw off Kennedy just as Hermmon would see off any jumped up Tory twat put up by Reg.

    Furthermore, anyone thinking McFarland will knife Hermon should think again. Which senior UUP figure has said nothing in public about the Tory link-up? Step forward the galoping Major. The knives are being sharpened and if Nicholson bombs (as seems likely), limping home on the fourth or fifth count, Reg Empey is finished.

  • ABC

    Incidentally, incumbent Kilfedder majority of more than 4,900 does not amount to “Narrowly missed out”.

    The degree to which these Tories are deluding themselves is actually quite humurous to behold.

    Jim Kilfedder (Ulster Popular Unionist Party) 19,305 (42.9%)
    Laurence Kennedy (Conservative Party) 14,371 (32%)
    Addie Morrow (Alliance Party of Northern Ireland) 6,611 (14.7%)
    Denny Vitty (Democratic Unionist Party) 4,414 (9.8%)
    Andrew Wilmot (Natural Law Party) 255 (0.6%)

    Ulster Popular Unionist Party (UPUP) majority: 4,934; Electorate: 68,662; Turnout: (65.5%)

  • DC

    Comrade, Alliance have had shall we say a dalliance with Sylvia, but as to dirt, this is off that party’s website:.

    Search Results (page 1 of 8)
    Who are UUP actually linked with?

    UUP can’t see centre ground from sectarian swamp: Ford.

    Document Type: news story.
    Date: Saturday 9th April 2005.
    Government acting like UUP & SF election agent.

    Document Type: news story.
    Date: Wednesday 29th October 2003.

    …like an election agent for the UUP and Sinn Fein, following the…agent for Sinn Fein and the UUP. “Statements from Downing Street…hats and balaclavas of the UUP and Sinn Fein alone, the Government…

    Alliance says UUP-Tory link is meaningless.

    Document Type: news story.
    Date: Saturday 28th February 2009.

    …McCarthy MLA has said that the UUP-Tory link up is meaningless and…given the track record of the UUP they will most likely embarrass…the track record of the UUP shows that they will most likely…

    UUP strategy for community relations is ‘recipe for fudge’.

    Ford says UUP has nothing to offer Tories or local people.

    Document Type: news story.
    Date: Friday 5th December 2008.

    …has said that the UUP dinosaur has…at the UUP’s deal with the TUV. His…be happy with the UUP’s recent deal…not vote for the UUP so that they could…with them. “The UUP are constantly…(2 further matches)

    Lo says UUP are in disarray yet again .

    Document Type: news story.
    Date: Friday 6th February 2009.

    …that all their MLAs agree on. “What does the UUP now stand for? They are all over the place about…in Northern Ireland but being linked to the UUP won’t do them many favours.”…

    UUP slammed for being soft on terrorist symbols.

    Document Type: news story.
    Date: Thursday 22nd January 2004.

    …amazement that the UUP Chief Whip has attacked…One wonders if the UUP are really in touch with…the fear. Far too many UUP representatives have…activity, the UUP has failed to deal with the…

    “‘Decent people vote UUP’ campaign deeply offensive”: Long.

    Long slams “UUP swing to extremism” in East Belfast.

    Document Type: news story.
    Date: Tuesday 7th December 2004.

    …extremism” by the UUP in Castlereagh and across…is sad to watch the UUP lurch to the right, both…Commission, shows the UUP is an extremist and…also in comments by UUP representatives across…

    UUP – Tory plan is a desperate move from a failing party.

    Document Type: news story.
    Date: Thursday 24th July 2008.

    …more important to the UUP than any Westminster…Ireland. “The UUP has lost its way because it is…parties and the UUP is currently not delivering…

    Alliance Leader derides UUP claims on shared future.

    ‘UUP fiddles while Northern Ireland burns!’.

    Document Type: news story.
    Date: Wednesday 25th June 2003.

    …is a case of Northern Ireland burning while the UUP fiddles with its own party political interests….the only alternative in practice. “When are the UUP going to wake up and start to seek a deal…

    Don’t assume UUP-SF deal will be acceptable: Ford.

    Document Type: news story.
    Date: Thursday 9th October 2003.

    …to assume that any UUP-Sinn Fein deal would be…activity. The UUP seems to be concentrating upon…”Similarly, the UUP and Sinn Fein seem to have a…to a deal between the UUP and Sinn…

    Alliance calls for City Hall UUP to end pact with UPRG.

    Document Type: news story.
    Date: Friday 3rd August 2007.

    …has called on the UUP in City Hall to…She called on the UUP to exclude the…as one of the UUP’s two nominees on…ask that the UUP group in Belfast cut…to do before the UUP in City Hall would…(3 further matches)

    Long says that UUP inconsistency means segregation for all of us.

    Document Type: news story.
    Date: Monday 11th June 2007.

    …MLA has challenged the UUP to clarify their…comments follow the UUP’s reticence in an…opinions? “How do the UUP intend to raise the…it is fair to ask the UUP if they have any…

    Long says UUP pact shows they don’t want Stormont to work .

    Document Type: news story.
    Date: Tuesday 14th October 2008.

    …though that with the Executive in crisis, the UUP leadership would be trying to maximise…they need not waste their time looking to the UUP to provide it.” …

    McCarthy says UUP appears in turmoil over Tory link-up.

    Document Type: news story.
    Date: Friday 16th January 2009.

    …the apparent U-turn by UUP Cllr Reg Empey in his attitude to the…progress to be driven by the UUP, no progress would ever occur. … To their enduring shame the UUP have never been able to bring…

    I must add rightly that the UUP have been horrible to alliance over dirty tricks leaflets etc, but can you see the ‘spit in the eye’ of the UUP now while ‘extending your hand’ to the only UUP MP?>>>

  • skullion


    Did someone steal your Action Man when you were a kid?This crush you have on Tim Collins is getting embarrassing.The guy hasn’t even stood for election yet and your announcing him as NI Secretary,British Home Secretary and possiblr future Prime Minister.Ffs man get a grip of yourself.

  • Querulous

    Sylvia definitely won’t stand as Alliance, and I doubt she’ll stand as Labour.

    Most likely, Lady Hermon will stand as an Independent Unionist and get easily re-elected, no question.

    She will absolutely clobber the UCUNF Tories if they stand against her.

    North Down’s uniquely independent political tradition will live on.

  • fair Deal

    “I posted up my definition of true unionist philosophy, which parts do you not agree with?”

    No what you posted was the following:
    “True Unionism should have no pacts with any brand of nationalism be it the Irish, Scottish, Welsh or the Little Ulster variety of the DUP.”

    A basic jibe about the DUP not being Unionists and implication that UCUNF is the possessor of Unionist truth/monopoly on Unionism to which you appear to add the somewhat pretencious claim it was a philosophical statement(Problem no 1).

    Fair Deal,

    You missed the important part of my second comment, asking if the DUP met the criteria my “somewhat pretentious claim of a philosophical statement”. They don’t, so in my book they’re not Unionists- my opinion.
    Do the UUP/Conservatives hold the universal key to true Unionism? No, but their commitment to pulling back Northern Ireland into the mainstream of UK politics (as opposed to continuing to sit in the backwoods fighting 400 year battles) potentially is the best thing to happen to Northern Irish Unionism for decades.

    “It’s crap like this that contributes to some of the pointless rows ignited was talking about on his thread about Unionist parties and activism.”

    Appeals to Communal Unionist loyalty don’t do it for me -I’m not part of that “traditional Unionist community”. For the same reason that I don’t automatically fall in line with the BNP simply because they put a Union flag on their leaflets, I don’t have to join pacts with or even place my NO2 for the DUP simply because that “U” purports to stand for “Unionist”.

  • fin

    an Ulster Unionist party member as SoS for NI is an interesting concept, could it happen, according to the StA document its not a possibility, and it would also highlight the colonial aspect of NI with an MP from the 3rd largest party in the state been appointed to the most powerful role in the state, the obvious question would be why bother having people vote for the assembly elections when a government in London appoints a local overseer to manage the place.

    Tim Collins would be entertaining any chance of FAIR lending him one of their tanks to use on the campaign trail

    Although he is a great blagger

    “We go to liberate, not to conquer.
    We will not fly our flags in their country
    We are entering Iraq to free a people and the only flag which will be flown in that ancient land is their own. Show respect for them…..”

    1,000,000 dead people later……….

  • George

    “their commitment to pulling back Northern Ireland into the mainstream of UK politics … potentially is the best thing to happen to Northern Irish Unionism for decades.”

    You can’t bring something back to where it has never been. Ireland left the mainstream of British politics following the Irish War of Independence and won’t be pulling back any time soon.

    Northern Ireland was never in the mainstream of UK politics as evidenced by the number of NI unionist ministers in a British government.

    How many have there been in the last 88 years?

    The only one I can think of is Robin Chichester-Clark and he only took his post after the collapse of Stormont in 1972.

    So that makes a big fat zero in 50 years of Stormont. Granted there were a couple of parliamentary under-secretaries but that is hardly a sign of being in the mainstream of UK politics.

    And a job for David Trimble won’t change that reality.

  • Cushy Glenn

    Alan McFarland was a Major in the Royal Tank Regiment for 18 years. Apart from Collins (Lt Col, and ex SAS)..No-one in any other party can beat that for experience in true leadership.
    The DUP MLA’s look pathetic beside that heritage.

    Posted by Driftwood on May 14, 2009 @ 12:13 AM

    ah yes, the very model of a modern major general. Leadership? Well – no DUPe me- but didn’t Papadoc lead an entire church of considerably more people than regiment, against the forces of Rome- considerably larger than the iraqis- without a tank to protect him and the only weapon the power of his own voice?
    What a stupid post. And inaccurate, if only because it omits Ulster’s other great man’o’war, Major Paddy Ashdown. A great statesman too….???

  • Duncan Shipley Dalton

    Probably best suited to East Belfast-his home ground,though- where he would easily pass the incumbent

    You are on something if you think that Action man Tim could beat Robinson in East Belfast. Last election he was a whisker away from 50% of the vote so the idea that anyone is going to beat him in a multi candidate election is laughable. Although I would hope that the whole expenses thing does bite him on the ass a bit. Anyone who can go on about his £1000 goldfish collection and represent a constituency where some people live in Victorian era housing with outside toilets is beyond me but for whatever reason the good people of East Belfast still seem to like him. At least in America people vote for an incumbent who brings back the pork for his area but somehow the pork never made it beyond his immediate family but such are the vagaries of politics I suppose.

  • skullion

    Cushy Glenn
    Not aware of how many people make up a regiment but he led quite a few people up a hill in North Antrim all dressed up in red berets and carrying guns.And of course he used that considerable voice to launch many a sectarian tirade.

  • Duncan Shipley Dalton

    led a church against the force of Rome ROFL

    keep em coming I am in stitches here…

  • Laughing (Tory) Unionist

    Well they did tell you to take care when the gastric band was fitted.

  • Duncan Shipley Dalton

    I wish I had a gastric band maybe then I wouldn’t be such a fat bastard…

  • Reader

    skullion: Not aware of how many people make up a regiment but he led quite a few people up a hill in North Antrim all dressed up in red berets and carrying guns.
    No he didn’t.

  • skullion


    Sorry my mistake it wasn’t in North Antrim it was in Newtownards but the rest is accurate.

  • Comrade Stalin

    Laughing Tory/Unionist :

    Well they did tell you to take care when the gastric band was fitted.

    What a delightful, caring bunch the Tory/Unionists are.