The joy of steps (ladders)

This is my first election on the sidelines for a number of years (hurrah, says the wife) but it does give time to notice those aspects of being a political activist and campaigning that are just part of a six week period of bedlam for many across political divides.

One thing I’ve noticed, that was just normal during previous elections ,is posters and the work (paid or unpaid) that goes into getting that job done

Last week in Donegal I came across what I think is the most picturesque, probably pointless, spot for a poster ever – in the mountains at Lough Salt looking down towards the Rosguill peninsula (see above)

On my way home I witnessed a poster battle of epic proportions between Jim Allister and Diane Dodds. The money being thrown at this must be immense. Both Dodds and Allister have every junction between Derry and my home in Crumlin plastered. In Antrim they go super-competitive with additional small orange luminous name signs. Jim Nicholson has a rare walk-on part in this fight amongst two postering superstars.

What is even more surprising is while both Unionists make an appearance in my home town of Crumlin, the SDLP put on a credible show and even Ian Parsley has a guest appearance – for a town that probably has more shinner voters than any other sort the SF’ers have yet to climb a ladder. A strange experience watching a GAA parade on Sunday with only Unionists and the SDLP watching over from on lamp-post.

So who is at what in the pointless postering fiasco round your way?

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