The joy of steps (ladders)

This is my first election on the sidelines for a number of years (hurrah, says the wife) but it does give time to notice those aspects of being a political activist and campaigning that are just part of a six week period of bedlam for many across political divides.

One thing I’ve noticed, that was just normal during previous elections ,is posters and the work (paid or unpaid) that goes into getting that job done

Last week in Donegal I came across what I think is the most picturesque, probably pointless, spot for a poster ever – in the mountains at Lough Salt looking down towards the Rosguill peninsula (see above)

On my way home I witnessed a poster battle of epic proportions between Jim Allister and Diane Dodds. The money being thrown at this must be immense. Both Dodds and Allister have every junction between Derry and my home in Crumlin plastered. In Antrim they go super-competitive with additional small orange luminous name signs. Jim Nicholson has a rare walk-on part in this fight amongst two postering superstars.

What is even more surprising is while both Unionists make an appearance in my home town of Crumlin, the SDLP put on a credible show and even Ian Parsley has a guest appearance – for a town that probably has more shinner voters than any other sort the SF’ers have yet to climb a ladder. A strange experience watching a GAA parade on Sunday with only Unionists and the SDLP watching over from on lamp-post.

So who is at what in the pointless postering fiasco round your way?

  • Parson

    Compared to past elections, rather a lot of Unionist posters in my neck of the woods (not far from Cookstown). Most of them are part of the great Dodds/Allister showdown but Nicholson has a prominent supporting role. Until the weekend, there were hardly any Dodds posters at all, then they appeared en masse. On the nationalist side, BdeB has the uppers on Alban, but in Mid Ulster, can you really expect anything different? No Agnew or Parsley posters anywhere. Every major junction has a poster of Jim Allister smiling down at me. Also note a few prominent noticeboards along major routes of Allister in a vaguely confrontational pose against a Union flag backdrop. The legend ”The one THEY want out.” draws attention to a smaller photo of Robinson and McGuinness. Irrespective of what you think of his politics, you have to hand it to JA; he’s throwing a lot at this one…

  • you have to hand it to JA; he’s throwing a lot at this one…

    Does he have any choice.

  • Its quite obvious that Jim Allister certainly has the workers on the ground and has been successful in fund raising.

    Is definitely far more Allister and Dodds posters compared to Nicholson.

  • Silverline

    I heard Jim has had to hire a company to put his posters up I also understand one of them fell of a ladder and has broken his leg, I hope Jim is well insured.

  • The young man in question is a member of the TUV, so not sure about the hiring of a company.

  • The original Sam Maguire

    In West Tyrone, it’s mainly the 2 Jimbos. The UUP have certainly been out in force at more time than in recent memory.The bould Diane has yet to make an appearance on my travels outside Omagh – the only place I’ve seen them. A few Alaistair ones have appeared over the weekend around Strabane and Omagh. The only place I’ve seen SF posters is on the Culmore road in Derry.

  • redhugh78

    Did you hear the one about the SDLP in South Derry?(apparently they exist).
    They paid a fellow 300 quid to poster that area and when a substantial amount were found burnt they of course blamed the shinners, but turns out it was the guy they paid to put them up in the first place!!

  • Pigeon Toes

    Its amazing that I haven’t noticed a single poster.

    Must because I don’t vote…..

  • Pigeon Toes

    And it is common knowledge that the “be” population is on the decline!

  • twas a beautiful evenin last nite for the job!

    must say down our way Jim is non existent and i haven’t seen Alban either…

    It’s Dodds all the way.

  • Neil

    Had a good laugh driving into Ballymena and seeing the billboard of Jim Allister standing up with the finger out in front of him, and his two pish-holes-in-snow eyes. It was funny, but it was also the most Americanised version I’ve seen. Usually it’s just a portrait style shot, but he was on his feet, working hard, giving it the message, you could imagine him standing in the photo studio being told how to stand etc.

    Up in the West I haven’t seen much other than Barbre, which I have to say is disconcerting too. I was too often in trouble at school, and she looks far too much like a pissed off head mistress for my liking.

  • west belfast


    as one of those Westies who moved to Crumlin, the new frontier, many years ago I too was bemused by the lack of Babs.

    However SF were at my door on Saturday, answering my questions about the 11+ etc which is more than any other party has managed.

    So full Marks to SF in Crumlin. I think they have used all their posters in the whiterock. Each lamppost has not 1, not 2 but 3 posters of Babs. Now someone explain that!

  • dunreavynomore

    The similarity between Sinn Féin and Fine Gael posters is striking. The same blue background means that from more than a few yards away it’s hard to know which party the poster belongs to.

  • Postering generally seems to have been much less frenzied in the West than in Greater Belfast.

  • redhugh78

    Alban ‘trigger the horse’ maginess.
    ‘When we win the donkey derby, You win the donkey derby’.

  • redhugh78
  • daisy

    Never mind posters, I passed the Dodds battle bus this morning on the M2 which I mistook at a distance for a Goldliner (I even began to compose a strongly worded email to Translink in my head) until I overtook it and saw the full horror of it. No expense spared. I hope it’s all coming from party finances and not expenses…