Dodds Campaign goes on tour, to Letterkenny?

Just got an email from one of the guys with the Donal Cullen council election campaign in Donegal, who happened to be driving past the Dry Arch Roundabout in Letterkenny late last night:

I spotted, on a pole, no less than an election poster for… Diane Dodds. Yes indeed I kid you not. Fully decorated in red, white and blue, with Union flag and ‘DUP’ in full view. You can imagine my confused brain trying to figure it out. I’m just sorry didnt take a photo.

Is this a belated attempt to reintegrate the lost ‘national’ territory into the ‘wee six? Or a Unionist wag with a wry sense of humour… Gone are the days it seems when most self respecting would cross the border and risk the possibility of inadvertently giving their good, hard earned cash to ‘the Free State’…Keep tuned to the Shaun Doherty on Highland Radio for any ensuing local controversy….

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