Sinn Fein’s PEB: a walk on the dark side?

Not sure what to make of the first Sinn Fein PEB. It was broadcast on Friday evening and appears to be a modular build with a message from the European candidate (in this case Bairbre de Brun) but the bulk of it is a particularly stiff rendering of a sombre message by party President Gerry Adams… a message underscored by the black and white footage and (although it is not easy to make out) background music from Saint-Saëns’ Danse Macabre (the Dance of Death)… Not sure the synthesis of northern and southern messages work since there are two quite separate states of public mind in both places… (tone fits the southern state, but the CV citations are all northern)… Besides, what people in the south are looking for is a route (however arduous) to salvation, not still further intimations of their already too, too livid social and economic mortality…

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  • GA: “We won’t protect those who got the country into this mess – inept ministers, bankers, property speculators”

    Does that include SF ministers? The caps would seem to fit.

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit


    “quite separate states of public mind in both places”

    From the ROI side of the fence that is less true the closer you get to the border. From the Norn Iron side it is always nice to know that the national family ties are still strong.

    The heavily critizsed SF economic views as characterised by Grizzly’s poor telly performance before last ROI election should be sounding more appealing as the ROI economic orthodoxy has been totally debunked. They may not be able to say I told so – but given where the cutehoor-cartel of developers/bankers/politicians are in the popularity stakes they are in a stronger position than the right of centre parties to advance their views with some credibility.

  • dunreavynomore

    Just heard Connor Murphy on Nolan’s radio program saying that the S.F. London flat,in which he has stayed once in the past 12 months, is a ‘modest’ flat although it costs £3,600 per month. Now, if that is S.F,s idea of ‘modest’ then Sammy’s theory is holed beneath the water lines it puts S.F. squarely in with the ‘cutehoors’.
    Paddy Docherty was on earlier talking about the same issue and I was glad to hear him as I thought he had died, such has been the silence from him this last year or more.

  • The PEB says they won’t help the bankers. Do they think people have forgotten the vote for the rescue package in the Dáil?

  • dunreavynomore, has the landlord of the three properties rented to Sinn Fein been named yet?

  • fair_deal

    Did Bairbre suck on a helium balloon?

  • dunreavynomore


    I don’t think so but I am sure all the Shinners are praying that the Good Republican family, the Slab Murphys, only own property in Manchester.

  • Gabriel

    Do they get cheap diesel as well ? 🙂

  • Mick,

    Not sure what to make of the first Sinn Fein PEB. …

    Are you sure that they will be airing it unchanged in the south? It seems to me to be more northern-oriented, but with clear all-Ireland references. It is likely that they will change it slightly for the RTE showings, including (hopefully) a speaking part for the southern candidates.

  • Glen Taisie

    Given the fact that neither Bairbre deBrun or Mary Lou McDonald has actually bothered to ask a single oral question in their five years as well as their almost abstentionist record of attendance,one wonders are SF serious about Europe or just European Elections.

    Had this been the track record of any of their opponents we would have heard lots!!!!!!!


  • Mark McGregor


    As pointed out before your figures are both wrong and misleading.

    Both de Brún and McDonald have asked Oral Questions though more importantly they have submitted many, many more substantive Written Questions.

    And before SDLP heads start wetting themselves over these stats we should compare how Hume did in his final term with both shinners.

    de Brún – 2 Oral, 6 Joint Oral, 39 Written
    McDonald – 3 Oral, 5 Joint Oral, 237 Written
    Hume – 1 Oral, 1 Joint Oral, 3 Written

    As I said before we’ll be revisiting this issue in more substantive and honest form in the near future.

  • Andrew

    Thought it was very poor tbh

    Liked the music but it just seemed off point however its main message was …

    We’ve followed a journey … lets complete it.

  • Mick Fealty


    It looks to me to be modular, ie the local candidates will have their slots dropped into the same space with Gerry being the ‘glue’ holding it all together…

  • When or not Dairbre or Mary Lou are ‘dropped’ into this, the whole thing is confused. Very ‘aged’. Where’s the hope? Not even Gerry’s glue makes this an exposition of a coherent manifesto for north or south, and certainly not for both.

  • Declan

    Allegedly Gerry has decided to step down after the summer.He was going to retire november 2008 but put everything on hold.People need to see his true side more to see what he is really like.Alledgedly bik asked for help a few years ago but gerry refused and more or less washed his hands of him and all other veterans.He puts on the smiles and tries to be a charmer but deep down his true colours are starting to show more.

  • dublinsfsupporter

    Gerry Adams will not be standing down this year or for many years.

    That said, as and when he does decide to stand down (and as I say I do not expect this for many years), the appropriate person to take over is Mary Lou McDonald, who is doing a very good job articulating Sinn Féin policy in the 26 counties (I expect her to become a TD in the next Dail elections).

  • bob

    Different SF PEB

  • Very monotonous delivery from Adams, he was like a robot.

  • Not sure about black and white. Dubious.

    Playing the Danse Macabre over your ministers is really a bad idea.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    “Did Bairbre suck on a helium balloon?”

    sounds like Dannon the duck in BBC Cartoon “Jakers! The Adventures of Piggley Winks”

  • Declan

    r.e the poster ‘dublinsfsupporter’

    Ask gerry if he planned to go last november.Also ask him why he refused to help bik then backed down at the last minute.I know other things i can post but only a handful of people know so it would be unwise for me to do so.Trust me he is walking out everything soon before the **** hits the fan.

  • Spades a Spade

    Of course gerry will be stepping down soon along with a few others otherwise they won`t have enough time left to spend all their ill gotten gains accumulated over the years at the expense of not only civilian lives but that of god only knows how many republican combatants set up by their own leadership whilst maturing their hidden agenda with MI5/6 etc