Peace through Media Awards…

Tomorrow I’ll be in London for a panel discussion on the media’s role in building peace… It’s to be a pretty open ended affair, but I’ll be drawing some of my own thoughts from a paper I recently put together for a publication for the Annenberg School of Communication at USC in Los Angeles (we’re working on an online launch on Slugger soon)… It’s likely to feature the recent events with the threat against Suzanne Breen and the Sunday Tribune, the rising term of ‘dissident journalists’, as a means of isolating people who ask difficult or challenging questions and the post peace process problem of scrutinising a government which has no official opposition (and it’s often directly unaccountable)… In the meantime, we are in the running for the Peace through Media Awards… We could do with your votes


  • joeCanuck

    Done, with pleasure.

  • dunreavynomore

    Same here, Mick.

  • Ulsters my homeland

    ‘dissident journalists’? Have they anything positive to offer society

  • Bob Belfast


    Is there anything you don’t know??


    Vote recorded there Mick. If I put a hat on and wear glasses can I vote again? If you meet any of the Tory press tell them that times have moved on here and stop thinking it’s the 70’s & 80’s again. Some of their Little Englander/John Bull mindsets haven’t moved an inch towards this place.

  • What’s the opposite of dissident? Conformist?

  • Mick Fealty


    Loads. I just try to keep my mouth shut about the stuff and I don’t know and seek out and listen to those who do. Doesn’t always work though. 😉

  • Danny O’Connor

    Count me in as well Mick,good luck.

  • percy