Brennan to be deported on May 18?

Newhound points to an article in the Irish Voice where anonymous sources are reported as saying that, after a lengthy legal battle, 1983 Maze Prison escapee Paul Brennan – who was arrested at a US border checkpoint in Texas in January 2008 – is to be deported on May 18.

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  • USA

    Disgraceful decision.
    The laws an ass.

  • OC

    Yeah, USA!

    He should have been deported back in the 90’s, permantly.

    It’s a disgrace that it takes this long to deport illegal aliens.

  • USA

    He was not an illegal alien, he was a permenent resident with a “green card”.
    Given that you evidently have not taken the time to establish even some basic facts in the matter, I will conclude you are just here to slabber.

  • OC

    “In November 2008, Brennan told a Texas court that he was hoping for political asylum and a green card on the basis of his marriage to Joanna Volz.”

    Doesn’t sound like he had a “Green Card” to me.

    “Brennan was detained at an immigration checkpoint because his work permit had expired.”

    OK, so now he’s a (what’s the corrosive euphemism? – oh yeah) “undocumented worker”.

    “[H]e had been serving a 23-year prison sentence in Northern Ireland on charges of possessing a bomb and a firearm.”

    Yet he claims that to be returned to the UK would expose him to violence. Yeah, violence that he helped to escalate and use for political purposes.

    Looks like judges saw through all of his smoke and mirrors, and finally saw him for what he is.

    IMO he should have been deported decades ago. That he wasn’t is a disgrace.