Photograph of Mo’s chat with banned Savage…

Well here’s another blog scoop, of sorts… Seosamh has only just begun his Sonar blog, but already he’s got a newsworthy piece up… US shock jock Michael Savage turned up on Home Office list of 16 people who would be refused entry to the UK, if they ever asked… Yet, it seems that this particular gentleman was pictured in San Francisco some years back with the former Secretary of State for Northern Ireland the late Mo Mowlem

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  • IRIA

    I’m no fan of Mr. Weener, I mean Savage, but to see him on that list with those other thugs surprised me.

  • Rory Carr

    What a scoop! Yet another promising political career nipped in the bud by the power of the blog. I don’t suppose Mo will make PM after this.

    I bet Neville Chamberlain is quaking in his boots now worrying for fear that his secret meeting with Hitler will be outed by Guido Fawkes.

    Oh, Gawd! I’ve just gone and leaked it. Never mind. Slugger can claim this one.