Index on Censorship: Give them absolutely nothing..

There is always more than one way to cut up any given story. Some of the people I’ve spoken to offline today take a fairly consistent and robust view on the police’s right to gather material evidence in pursuit of a crime. It’s a view several of them have taken consistently throughout the latter parts of the Troubles peace process, when it was decidedly unfashionable to take such a stance. Until recently it has been de rigeur to treat some ‘terrorists’ as trusted sources. Now, suddenly, the cultural rules around reporting terrorism, it seems, are being quietly rewritten. Anthony McIntyre’s been interviewing some authoritative witnesses for Index on Censorship; and the collective verdict is that Ms Breen should stick to her gunsEditorial note: Please note that anything in the least refering to Ms Breen and not the substance of the issue will be removed. There’s been way too much fair gaming and deliberate story killing going on… Those in any confusion about the commenting policy of the site should read them again

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