“we’re hoping that the guys will accept this..”

Apparently, the Unite union is to recommend the former Visteon UK Ltd employees in west Belfast accept the current offer from the Visteon Corporation. But is it different from the formal offer announced on 21 April? Which was based on the terms that Visteon outlined on 16 April? Which, as reported by the BBC, was rejected at the time – “A Unite union spokesman called the offer “derisory” and that it added “insult to injury.”” Just don’t mention that pending eviction notice. “Old-fashioned trade unionism”, indeed.

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  • joeCanuck

    The BBC report says it is an improved offer.

  • Calum Gilhooley

    Och, if only you were leading the conduct of these negotiations. Then we’d show them so we would.

  • nineteensixtyseven

    Yes, it’s a very much improved offer and Visteon/Ford have been completely embarrassed into a u-turn. Victory to the Visteon workers on International Workers’ Day, indeed!


  • joeCanuck

    10x Statutory redundancy payments. That’s quite an achievement by the Union. Congratulations.

  • 0b101010

    “Ten times what people were being offered originally”, Unite? That sounds like one hell of an over-simplification. Based on statutory minimums, that would mean former employees would get anywhere from 10 to 300 weeks pay. 300 weeks?

    Note that the Guardian article is more carefully worded:

    Workers with shorter service can expect to receive 10 times what they would have received in statutory redundancy pay.

    So that makes the minimum of 10 weeks for workers with the least qualifying service, but does that scale up to the 300 weeks maximum? Of course it won’t. Therefore the workers with the most service are likely being offered a relatively worse deal than those with the least service. If that’s what they collectively want, fair enough.

  • “Old-fashioned trade unionism”

    You mean actual trade unionism? I know scary biccies!! What next, ordinary people mind think they can participate in administration and governing themselves… heaven forbid!