Two parties trying to forget their ‘inconvenient bits’?

Campaign launchNow recognising this is real tin foil hat/anorak stuff, but two anomalies have become obvious to me since we started the Euro Elections Flickr group went live a couple of days ago… First, UCUNF’s campaign poster is, appropriately enough, the same that’s being run in Britain. So far, so good… Except when you look at the highly stylised union flag in the back, the most prominent aspect of the flag is the St George’s Cross of England… That’s genius for a party looking to take UKIP out of the domestic market… not so clever for a party who’s leader has claimed that he is not a little Englander and sincerely wants to build votes in Northern Ireland… And the other is the ‘all island’ Greens’ panel of Euro candidates: where’s the Northern Ireland candidate?

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