Two parties trying to forget their ‘inconvenient bits’?

Campaign launchNow recognising this is real tin foil hat/anorak stuff, but two anomalies have become obvious to me since we started the Euro Elections Flickr group went live a couple of days ago… First, UCUNF’s campaign poster is, appropriately enough, the same that’s being run in Britain. So far, so good… Except when you look at the highly stylised union flag in the back, the most prominent aspect of the flag is the St George’s Cross of England… That’s genius for a party looking to take UKIP out of the domestic market… not so clever for a party who’s leader has claimed that he is not a little Englander and sincerely wants to build votes in Northern Ireland… And the other is the ‘all island’ Greens’ panel of Euro candidates: where’s the Northern Ireland candidate?

  • Frustrated Democrat


    The cross of St Patrick is there for all to see and is as prominent here as it is in the actual flag, admitedly Owen Paterson is hiding part if it in this phograph, see for the full effect.

    It is clear it is a Union Jack the flag of the United Kingdom that the CU’s represent, so what is the problem?

  • fair_deal

    The angle of shot can have an impact. In this one with Jim Nic and Owen Patterson it just looks pretty much like a St George’s Cross

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  • Mick, Britain is the UK. Just click

    I suggested the change of badging a few years ago. However, it hasn’t made it to the Honest Food campaign!!

  • Mick Fealty

    Yes, Stephen Carter had to sort of apologise for the Digital Britain thing last week… It’s usually entirely a sin of omission than commission. Works for the southern Greens too. Or was it just that Steven’s not a Senator?

  • Empire-Home

    ack now Mick your graspin at straws, as you said it is highly stylised, but still clearly shows a Union flag with it main components clearly shown, sure look at the UUP logo of NI and the union flag on it, and the TUVs flag in the T of its logo, the St George Crosses are much more prominant. You must be having a slow day of it.
    Much more interesting i think is the similarity between and , any relation?

  • Mick Fealty

    Check out the FD’s linking to, if you don’t believe me… (I did say I was wearing TFH and Anorak…) 😉

  • Empire-Home
  • EH, I’ve got the spooky one of Mary, the one where she receives the floral basket!!

  • nineteensixtyseven

    Setting aside this nonsense, it might get pretty inconvenient for the Ulster Unionists in the event of a Tory government pursuing massive public expenditure cuts.

  • fin


    This is the clearest pic of the poster and yes apart from the St George cross its mostly white.

    Thats the least striking thing in the photo, it looks like it was taken with the cast of Dr Who, apart from the guy in the middle who looks strangely like Jesus!

    I guess ripping of Jamie Olivers British Food campaign happened before the UUP link up, why is a NI politican calling for only British grown food to be labelled as British? Its hardly a local or indeed pro-union approach. Following yesterdays post re the Docs relabelling of NI cows in 2005, animals in NI should get counselling, is it that alive they’re Irish and dead British?

  • prodgers

    Empire Home
    “meant Diane Dodds and Mary McAleese”

    Doing your Sammy Foster impression are you?

    The only real similarity I can see is that they’re both women. Or perhaps that’s your real problem. After all, the UCUNFs have form when it comes to fairer sex don’t they. Only have one prominent elected female and they’re trying to hound her out.

    Stick that on top of claiming that you can’t be a good mother and a political candidate and you get the whole picture really.

    Maybe your shock was that they were two pictures of women who weren’t at home making the tea.

  • fin

    any photos of Iris Robinson with her black eye, from er walking into a door

  • Frustrated Democrat

    Pesky things those doors………have a habit of being slammed in your face if you annoy someone.

  • Silverline

    Hermon has said she wont vote for Nicholson in a public meeting?

  • Junior Apparatchik

    MICK – you do over-complicate sometimes!

    The issue isn’t so much the flag as the slogan. A vote for Nicholson (one I have cast myself in the past) is actually a “vote for *anything but* change”!

  • Frustrated Democrat


    It may not be a vote for a new candidate, however it is a vote for:-

    – a new NI political philosphy.

    – a UK wide group that is fully committed to the UK.

    – a new future within the Conservative family and grouping in Europe.

    – a new direction for NI politics at the heart of the UK, not on the periphery.

    – a group who wants to change NI for the better and has the power and ideas to do it.

    – a group that is open to ALL.

    Jim Nicholson is the figurehead for a new direction that has enthused the workers on the ground who are the key to success. The new direction has put a spring in their step for the first time in many years as they climb ladders and knock on doors.

    A vote for Jim Nicholson will be a vote for CHANGE in NI and a break up of the old moulds that have divided the people here in the past.

    The voters now have the opportunity to vote for a new beginning that can change NI, it will be up to them to show if they want to take it.

  • Oilifear

    George’s Cross is the most prominent component in the actual flag. The styalisation in the photo above merely accentuates that fact, it doesn’t reinvent the flag.

    The Wikipedia page shows some interesting orininal concept sketches from the time of the original design that reveal the tension over the question of which flag to put in front (England or Scotland). The final decision was of course the “natural choice”, just was it was when choosings layout for the coat of arms for the UK. Of course Scotland retains the Scottish flavoured version of the arms for domestic use, as does Ireland in fact although I have never seen the Irish-flavoured UK arms in real life (it is shows a stag coming out of the door of a three-turreted castle instead of the British lion at the top of the shield).

    Of note too is the Cromwellian-era Commonwealth flag that gets around the problem by placing the Irish arms (harp on blue field) at the centre of the England/Scotland union flag thus obscuring which flag (England or Scotland) is in front.

  • @Mick Steven Agnew’s omission was a temporary oversight. He was there (i.e. here: and then got lovely new pictures taken so we removed his old pix, but forgot to replace with the new ones.

    That’s now done.

  • Sarah Lavender


    There’s an English nationalist song that says ‘I’ve lost St George in the Union Jack’. I think we just found it in that shot!!

  • Oilifear

    On second thought St George’s Cross is deliberately emphasized in the Conservative logo. See the actual logo (outside of a photograph) on the Conservative site.

    George’s Cross is drawn using crisp lines whereas Ss. Andrew’s and Patrick’s saltires are rough drawn then (literally) burnt away in a maanner that both preserves St. George’s Cross and returns it to a white field.

    If that is a metaphor for the Conservatives then they obviously know where their bread is buttered.

  • Junior Apparatchik


    Jim Nic was always part of that grouping. There’s nothing new about this at all.

    As for “open to all”, how does the Union Flag attain that in the context of NI?

    What you mean is “open to all… Unionists”. Which takes us back to the basic Unionist/Nationalist divide – a vote for Jim Nic continues that, as it always did.

  • Frustrated Democrat


    No, the Conservatives are moving to form a new grouping in the EU

    The CU’s are a party for those who believe in the United Kingdom from whatever background, we aren’t expecting votes from nationalists. Anyone who does not believe that the UK is the best political arrangement will hardly vote CU.

    The flag is on all the Conservatives literature and web sites across the UK it is not especially for NI.