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EU flag in the Guinness Book of Records_2009-04-14 In the end Declan Ganley managed to round up a full 200 candidates in time for his party’s campaign launch in Rome yesterday, which unlocks that €200,000 in funding he was looking for… Ganley himself is given a fair chance of taking a seat in Ireland North and West, but it is not clear whether the appeal will travel beyond the peculiar bounds of Irish politics…- The Alliance Party leader has warned against the Euro elections locally turning into another tribal headcount… As you can tell from this brief interaction on Flickr, elsewhere in Europe they are actually concerned with European matters elsewhere…

– Angela Doyle talks to the three sitting MEPs in Ireland East on their secrets for European success…

– And Jeff Peel, now unshackled from any party whip notes that the Lady (Sylvia, that is) is not for turning her hand to the Tory cause in Ulster….

– Although England Expects has an interesting line on the Euro Parliament on what he sees as a false ‘national’ sentiment:

Here is the democratic representation of the European Demos. The Agora, the Tribune. Well sort of. The problem is that nobody actually votes on European matters. If they did there would be no need of the constant taxpayer funded initiatives to create a European public space. Big posters abound “Europe my Country” they declare in some vague attempt to create a fellow feeling where none currently exists.

– The Greens decline to comment on Mark’s Slugger story on tensions between the Green chairman John Barry, (who effectively plucked them from relative obscurity) and co-opted Down District Councillor Cadogan Enright… His loss as Chair is a seriously stupid own goal...

– And EUrophile Julien Frisch notes on a broader theme “If we remain satisfied with what we have achieved, we lose the vision for what we still can do.”

– Open Europe notes the presence of their Research Director, Mats Persson, on Talk Back in their press round up

– Four reasons why the Euro is not ready for a global role

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  • Dublin Exile

    Who exactly is giving Ganley ‘a fair chance’ of getting elected?
    The notion that the withdrawal of the FF incumbent will benefit a euroskeptic candidate doesn’t add up.
    The leading anti-lisbon candidate in the constituency is SFs Padraig MacLochlainn who should pick up most of the anti-lisbon vote thats out there.
    Most likely to benefit from the FF mess is Marian Harkin who will appeal to an innately conservative or centrist electorate who are fed up with the government but cannot for various reasons bring themselves to voter for the ‘oul enemy’ (Fine Gael) or the economically illiterate shinners.
    My prediction for Ireland West: 1. Jim Higgins FG, 2. Marian Harkin, Ind. 3. P McLochlainn, SF.

    I know this leaves the south of the constituency and the big population center of Galway without any local MEP, but i think anger at the government is most likely to dictate a swing to FG, Lab, SF and Harkin rather than Ganley.

  • As requested Mick…

    “Yesterday evening’s European election hustings staged in Belfast by the Coalition of Aid and Development Agencies (CADA), of which Amnesty is a member, may be the only occasion during the Northern Ireland campaign in which international development and human rights issues are seriously debated.”

    More reporting on this election event at Belfast & Beyond.

    Photos on our related Flickr site.

  • I think Declan Ganley will find it difficult to get elected in the Connacht Ulster constituency. AS someone already pointed out, Sinn Fein will take some of the anti-Europe/anti-Lisbon vote. I don’t know how Ganley will fare in the north of the constituency, but I think he will struggle in the west. There is a high reliance on EU grants, for infrastructure, agriculture, Irish language support, etc and I think voters will not be too receptive to his message as a result.
    The unknown is who Fianna Fail will select as a candidate – I think O’Neachtain would have retained his seat. There are rumours that Eamonn O’Cuiv is being pressured to stand. If he does, he should have no problem getting elected – as Minister for the Gaeltacht and the Islands, he has directed a lot of investment into the West of Ireland -and he is well regarded in the west. His election would also solve some ‘congestion’ issues in the Galway West constituency, since there is also Frank Fahy, Michael Crowe and Noel Grealish [ex-PD] who would be scrabbling for the same votes at the next general election.[on the other hand, given the current popularity of Fianna Fail at the moment, only O’Cuiv would be assured of holding his seat at the next general election].

    P.S. I see that Libertas have been erecting posters of Ganley around Athlone – which is in the Leinster [i.e. wrong] constituency.

    P.P.S. So far in Galway, only Jim Higgins has been out canvassing so far (at least in the Knocknacarra area) – Fine Gael are out of the traps early [it was Higgins that Ganley targetted when criticising issues relating to MEPs expenses and conditions].