Do you have swine flu?

Click here for your answer… And long may it be so..

  • but b4 u do get it why not play —–

    My highest score so far has been 14 which i’m sure
    most of u computer addicts can beat.

  • Correction – i’ve just scored 18.

    By the way u move yer mouse to move the doctor
    and click on mouse to use the needle .

  • Driftwood

    So you’re in the public sector then Mike?

  • No – but i do have loadsa coffee breaks.
    Cant work all the time u no.

  • Just got a 19 .

    Now must tidy me desk and look busy for 10 minutes!

  • Rory Carr

    Face masks are no protection unless secured by the sturdy anchorpost of a good pair of ears. I know. I have seen Will Smith in I Am Legend.

    If infected I recommend a hearty broth of crubeens and cabbage with spuds taken after one’s normal evening whiskey for one week. After one may find an evening out at a good resturant may help to restore ones spirits.

    I recommend La Cucuracha in Soho, which was the favourite dining place of legendary Irish/Mexican actor, Anthony Quinn when he was in London. My preferred dish translates as “the pork that stains the table”. Delicious!

    And the tequila is grand. But, beware! If you have a fine looking woman as your dining partner then this big fuck-off handsome hombre in the full regalia – sombrero, tight pants, waistcoat and big tooled leather holster with a pearl handled six-shooter resting therein will stroll up to your table and serenade your babe with his guitar, his big fuck-off moustache, his big spaniel eyes. Of course SHE doesn’t know that he’s only got a tiny little needle-dick and besides which he is going to cough himself to death all over her and make her responsible for spreading the infection to ALL OF THE WORLD (including sweet little blonde children).

    There’s only one solution – let’s nuke them greasers! (Smart nukes to zap them Texican and maids in Manhattan type greasers so no Mericans get that lateral stuff).

  • Greagoir O Frainclin

    Gas that even the BBC was contaminated with the hysteria that SKY News and the like were spreading.

    Aye, don’t believe the hype………….

  • securocrat

    I clicked the link and it said yes. What should I do?

  • Great website! Thanks for sharing the link with us!