Unionism needs to get in tune with the zeitgeist of today’s European Union

Eamon McCann’s been reading what sounds like a fascinating book by a man who was a player during the early, and most traumatic years of the Northern Irish troubles… Eamon buys the argument that Unionism could to get itself off the tribal hook, and into an attractive, and fashionable space. He quotes Robert Ramsey here:

“To me, the most important aspect of the development of the Ulster Scots identity is that it would take (unionism) out of the internationally damaging context of religious division, into one which is not only understandable, but is even fashionably in harmony with the zeitgeist of today’s European Union.”

That strikes me as a hard sell in a space where most political parties, nationalist as well as unionist are pretty Eurosceptic… In fact the only party of the ‘big four’ that is in anyway Euro-friendly doesn’t look like it’s going to get a seat… yet the book does sound like a rattling good yarn for those of us just old enough to remember politics before 1972…

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