Barry resignation from Green Party Executive

In news they probably didn’t want public during the Euro Election campaign……………

John Barry, co-chair of the Green Pary NI, has resigned from their party Executive due to disagreements with Downpatrick Cllr Cadogan Enright.

A Facebook posting (now deleted), that John has confirmed was meant to be a private message to Lindsay Whitcroft, reveals he left the Executive over Cadogan’s ‘destructiveness’ and ‘capacity to generate negativity within the Executive’.

Lindsay, thanks for that. I just couldn’t face another year of Cadogan’s destructiveness and capacity to generate negativity within the executive. So, as I said in my brief remarks on stepping down, Ill be spending more time with my Holywood constituency! All the best, John

It is unclear if this means he has also automatically resigned as co-chair. It will also be a lesson on the dangers of using Social Networking sites for sending private correspondence.

Update: Keith notes in the comments John stood down as co-chair at last week’s AGM

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