How the party’s are using Flickr…

How do we protect the younger generations? CC Cédric Puisney

Okay, it’s only day two, but here’s a wee round up of how our political parties are doing with their Flickr accounts… Not sure what’s going on here with The Greens (whoops, here it is now)… The DUP have been documenting an on-the-road campaign that their candidate Diane Dodds has been on for months now (and they’ve joined Slugger’s Euro Elections Flickr Group on its first day)… Even quicker was Irish Labour, who’ve been continually building up an online photo archive of their own… Sinn Fein’s account has been in abeyance since their Lisbon campaign last summer…Alliance, one of the first to do Flickr, has probably done the least with it… (it takes cameraphone’s lads/lasses, from the campaign trail to Flickr in a few seconds)… Though it seems they’ve moved from their original site to a new one

The SDLP are still back in 2007 land… And the UUP’s last shots where at their Conference last Autumn… As is Fianna Fail’s… Besides young James, I cannot find Fine Gael there at all…

During the campaign, we’ll be looking for good pics to put with each of our European stories… I’ll most be drawing from the Euro Election group and particularly those pictures that come with a Creative Commons licence


  • The Raven

    It all only underlines one damned thing…spend the fucking money, and get yourself a reasonably professional photographer for at least SOME of the work…jaysus wept, this content is atrocious.

  • Raven, it’s a shame Diane Dodds and Mervyn Storey weren’t aboard MISS-B-HAVEN!! They appear to have gone on DENNIS THE MENACE or AQUASPORTS

    Did they ‘boycott’ the St Sorney, the DRD subsidised fast ferry? A friend of a friend had to wait for about an hour-and-a-half the other day. Apparently the delay was caused by difficulties accessing the fuel supply.

  • máirseáil uí néill

    looks like sinn féin have updated theirs