Election 2009: Observers and moderators wanted…

First of the campaign

There are rumours doing the rounds on Facebook that Alliance were the first to have their posters out, as early as last Friday. But the first pictures that reached us were of Sinn Fein posters (we think) in the Falls Road area. In fact the campaign only started yesterday as the nominations began coming through to the Electoral Office yesterday. Now the Electoral Commission is calling for people and organisations to come forward to volunteer as Electoral Observers.Given the competitive nature of some of the debate here during election campaigns, Slugger is also recruiting for a small team of volunteer moderators to make sure that in the cut and thrust, the ball is rather more consistently played than the man

Oh yes, and we’ve started a Flickr group for the Euro Election campaign. Can I encourage those of the parties who are on their to include the group’s discussion space to let photographer’s know when you are planning a photo shoot and make sure you include them in your forward planning?

Provided you abide by the guidelines set down in any specific Creative Commons licence, you may be free to use them in your own campaigns..

  • Mick Fealty

    If you’re of even temper and better, have some experience of the job, and you’d like to volunteer to be moderator, mail me at: mick.fealty@gmail.com.

  • When Northern Ireland goes to the polls, the parties go to the poles.

    As for the conservatives? Well, we have the trees!

  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    Seymour Major,

    You may have trees – but what about the garden centres? Is there a-stirring in North Down?

  • Sammy,

    As to Garden Centres, that’s probably the real reason that Sammy Wilson is worried about the “greenhouse effect.”

    I dont know about North Down. UUP members are speculating that Lady Sylvia is about to “turn over a new leaf.” Unfortunately, the leaf may be from the wrong tree.

  • moochin photoman

    Sinn Fein posters were up in the Short Strand on Sunday

  • Ray

    Now that we have an election once again, what is Barbara Be Brun’s position on the shutting down of Irish language schools ove the past several years by Comhairle?
    Does Ms. DeBrun support the Anglophile Sinn Fein position?
    Let’s get beyond the Irish Language Act and get into the real world.
    Where does she stand on the eistence of Comhairle?
    Does Ms. DeBrun support the decommissioning of Comhairle?

  • deirdre

    Jim Nicholson’s posters were going up around Ballymena yesterday afternoon. Early bird gets the good spots as they were at road ands and crossroads- no political joke intended!

  • dunreavynomore

    De Brun up in Sth Armagh yesterday and saw Nicholsons around Moira.