“Hold on – I’ve written this before.”

Talkback’s been discussing, with Martin Lynch and Newton Emerson, the call by screenwriter Darragh Carville for Northern Irish writers to move beyond “balaclava drama”

“There’s an oddity about the theatre world in Belfast – that the audience is by and large a middle-class, relatively liberal, arty community. Yet they don’t see their own lives reflected on the stage. A lot of the plays are about poorer people, the tough working-class world, which of course is important. But what about those middle-class parts of Belfast?”

It was ever thus.. As noted at the time, Lionel Shriver has lamented the number of plays she’s sat through in Belfast..

..where people simply pony up the kind of stereotypes to which they themselves are constantly subjected.

Adds Oddly, Newton’s the only contributor not quoted in the BBC report..