Poll exclusive: 66% in favour of National Government…

According to RTE, Brian Cowen has more bad news coming down the channel in the SBP’s latest Red C poll:

Support for Fine Gael increased by 2 percentage points to 33 per cent, Labour was up 2 to 19 per cent, the Green Party remains unchanged at 7 per cent, Sinn Féin is up 1 to 8 per cent while Independents remain unchanged at 10 per cent.

Interestingly, now the advantage is swinging to the opposition parties no one is talking about a government of national Unity. Yet Slugger has learned that in an unpublished poll at the end of last month conducted by Red C, 66% of the population were in favour of a grand coalition to take over the running of the country in what some have termed The Emergency. It’s not clear why the SBP decided not to use to the findings, nor whether they ran such a question this month (their site was not updated at the time of posting)…

Update: Erm, it was a Cedar Lounge rather than a Slugger Exclusive,,,

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  • Itwas SammyMcNally whatdoneit

    The idea of a government of national unity must surely look like a reasonable option to FF – and one which they can sell as doing the right thing for the country and probably gives poor Enda nightmares – the look on his face as Tanaiste sitting beside Brian at the first press conference would be priceless.

  • This has hitorical parallels to Britain during the 1930s
    If the crisis is deep enough, the Nation does not want politics to get in the way of crucial and very difficult policy decisions.
    However, the potential weakness for having a National Government is that if the political parties are so ideologically different, such a Government can be weakened by compromise.
    Perhaps the British example is not a very good one. The left and right parties in Britain were much further apart ideologically than they are in Ireland today. Also, the slump was not the only problem of national crisis proportions. There was also the threat of Germany and the axis powers.
    There does not seem to be much ideological difference between the two largest parties, Fianna Fail and Fine Gael. Provided those two parties have the political will to work together, I think that a National Government would be the best thing for Ireland.