“It is understood there were no immediate arrests..”

The RTÉ report has more detail, as does the iol report, but the BBC report makes for more interesting reading.

Solicitors and accountancy businesses in the Republic of Ireland were targeted in the operation. It was focused on one individual, according to John Whiting from HM Revenue and Customs. “He has been highly active in a very sophisticated fuel fraud, which has been costing the UK Exchequer many millions in terms of duty and VAT each year,” he said.

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  • Enoch was right

    Surely they’re not baiting that charming bachelor fella?! If so I’m sure McGuinness is going to have to do some slabbering to explain how this happened!

  • Danny O’Connor

    The question is-is the individual a “good republican” or a “traitor”?

  • percy

    This could not happen without the peace process,

  • joeCanuck

    This will amount to nothing. It’s well known that Solicitors (well the legal ones) and accountants don’t tell lies.

    Questioner to three professionals: “What is one plus one?”

    Mathematician: “2”

    Statistician: “Somewhere between 2 and 3, closer to 2.

    Accountant: “What do you want it to be?”

  • Enoch was right

    Indeed you are completely correct percy. But does it threaten the peace process or is he too old for all that craic to start over again?

  • Danny O’Connor

    Joe, I remember meeting with the head of the CAB a number of years ago ,when the first “new” assembly was consulted on the setting up of an assets recovery mechanism in the north,and the CAB had a number of successes against solicitors and accountants involved in “dodgy dealings”

  • percy

    well you know enoch,
    to all those republicans who can make the change to democratic politics, well done and good luck to them.
    To the rest, very simple, fuck ya and all your criminality.

    Its still worth pointing out to the peteb’s of this world, obsessed with poisonous foundations, that these busts are a result of the peace process.
    So he has to rethink.

  • Enoch was right

    True Danny, there’s been enough warning shots to such individuals to confirm veracity of your claims.

  • joeCanuck

    C’Mon , Danny (and Enoch). Surely from my final sentence you knew I was jesting!

  • Pete Baker

    “these busts are a result of the peace process”

    Only in the sense that there’s apparently less political interference today than there was previously.

    No actual arrests, mind you.

    And those poisonous foundations haven’t disappeared, you know..

  • joeCanuck

    And those poisonous foundations haven’t disappeared, you know..

    And there’s probably no hope of them going away, Pete; for a generation at least probably. Too many people on both sides have a vested interest in them.

  • redhugh78

    Pete, were you crossing your fingers whilst highlighting this story?

    “Oh please let it be so”


  • Scaramoosh

    “The suspected fraud is estimated to be costing the British Exchequer a few million pounds each year in lost revenue, according to customs in Northern Ireland.”

    God knows they need every penny they can get.

    Let’s hope they go after the property developers and their coterie next.

  • Rory Carr

    Since, like I imagine most people who grew up in Northern Ireland, I was quite often the happy beneficiary of smuggled butter, sugar, meat, confectionery and potín during post-war austerity (and nylon stockings for the women), I would be hypocritical if I did not say that I am agnostic on the morality of smuggling.

    But I am certainly all in favour of locking up solicitors and accountants for whatever reason but most especially just for being solicitors and accountants. As Willie Nelson might well have sung:

    Mamas, don’t let your sons grow up to lawyers.
    Let ’em be smugglers and burglars and such……

  • dunreavynomore

    In this case we are not looking at smugglers but at those who wash diesel (take the colour out of rebated diesel) and ruin many engines as a result and others who ‘stretch’ petrol or, quite simply, dilute it with cheap chemicals. The punter who buys the diesel or petrol neither gets it very cheap or is warned that the fuel may be harmful to engines and sometimes to humans. This is sheer gangsterism. The acids and other compounds used to wash the diesel is dumped when used, sometimes left in large containers along the road to be disposed by local councils at great expense and more often tipped into a river or stream
    It’s a long way from a few pounds of butter or a pair of nylons we are today.
    Close to where the raids at Culloville, Sth Armagh, took place the river Fane, famous for trout and Salmon, was polluted by such ‘gentlemen’ just a day or two before prompting a local S.F. councillor to get his photo took beside the river. He probably went for his tea after to ‘yer man’s’ house. Incidentally the councillor complained that the Fane flows into Lough Ross from which we get our water in Sth Armagh and Newry but in fact the Fane flows OUT of Lough Ross but it’s great to be well represented at council by a man who thinks water flows from the sea to the hills.

  • New Yorker


    You are absolutely right that there is no comparison to the guys who smuggled a few pounds or butter or sugar back in the ’50s and these big time gangsters. They harm people and the environment and think they are cute hoors to get away with it.

    That is hilarious about the local councillor. Some one should write it up for The Examiner. Only the brightest get into government and all democratically ‘elected’!

  • Comrade Stalin


    The punter who buys the diesel or petrol neither gets it very cheap or is warned that the fuel may be harmful to engines and sometimes to humans.

    Absolute nonsense, there are plenty of legitimate fuel traders and people know full well who they are.

    If you put dodgy fuel in your motor you deserve everything you get.

  • dunreavynomore

    Comrade Stalin

    Do you really believe that dirty fuel is only sold from back street hidden away premises and that all proprietors tell their customers that they are selling washed or stretched fuel? Have you never seen or heard of an apparently above board filling station being raided by customs? A major problem is that the customer does not know what he or she is getting in many or most cases. In All of Sth Armagh there are perhaps two or three filling stations that I would trust the fuel from, and, incidently, I have no doubt that they deal in SMUGGLED fuel, avoiding taxes but the others deal in washed and stretched fuels. Come back into the real world, Comrade, and smell the dirty diesel. Our local heroes are ‘exporting’ it to places like Lisburn and Ballymena with full co-operation from Loyalism and that’s lovely cross community work for yeh.