“From a betting point of view..”

As Alan Murray reports in the Sunday Life, bookmaker Paddy Power is offering odds on who will succeed Hugh Orde as Chief Constable of the PSNI. The names mentioned previously by the Belfast Telegraph, as noted here, are currently among the favourites in the betting, but the 18 strong list, at odds of up to 50-1, does include some senior Garda officers. Although it looks like you’ll have to contact Paddy Power personally if you want to place some money on the sole candidate suggested by Niall O’Dowd’s anonymous “informed” sources.. As before, this is all still at the speculation stage.

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  • A third thread on the same topic in two days, hanging on the flimsy thread of who Paddy Power thinks will be appointed to this job. Surely this is taking it too far. Isn’t this akin to speculation on the betting on two raindrops sliding down a window….

  • dunreavynomore

    Two raindrops sliding down a window can be interesting to watch…