On Seven Days today…

I’ll be on the first part of the Seven Days programme on Radio Ulster today from 12 on… talking about blogs and their capacity to disrupt the business as usual flow of relationships between politicians and ‘big media’…

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  • Mick Fealty

    I’ll add some of my own thoughts later…

  • eat ur heart out!

    mick you are not northern irelands guido fawkes, your blog is too heavily dependent on mainstreammedia

  • Dave

    Pete Baker is Slugger’s mild-mannered Guido Fawkes. 😉

    Don’t mind him, Mick – there’s always one who’ll spit in your cornflakes.

  • Mick Fealty


    You didn’t listen to the programme then? There was a weird confluence on Friday when we broke a story the MSM had been sitting on for weeks, and Guido’s flipping of the London Media the next day.

    But breaking stories is not (and never has been) what we’re about; though it is just small part of our overall activities.

    Some of our value lies in sticking with stories much longer than the MSM, documenting and bringing that long term concentration to bare on the way the news is being ‘constructed’.

    That’s what we have in common with Guido. Very often we are at variance with the MSM because we tend not to take the spin being handed out from the various press offices.

    And which is why DAve can make a valid comparison between Pete and Guido, even though neither resemble each other in style or approach.

    Again, this is a bit of a stretch, but it’s what specialist journalistic projects like Breaking Views do…

  • Frustrated Democrat


    Is a recording of it available anywhere?

  • Mick Fealty

    FD, sorry. Thought I had linked it… got to the programme’s home page.. should be one there by now…

  • eat your heart out

    pete baker like guido? You are having a laugh! My dear Mr Fealty those brit right wing blogs have made the news as well as broken it. One leaked letter about not a whole lot doesnt equal anything BTW Ididnt hear the programme i am on hols until may and all i have is this stupid iphone. sorry i am on a boat!

  • joeCanuck

    One leaked letter about not a whole lot doesnt equal anything

    I’d get off that boat asap and get to No.10. There is a vacancy for a spinmeister. Probably pays very well.

  • Dave

    I think, Mick, that the so-called Fourth Estate was exposed by Guido as being too close to the powers-that-be to hold them properly to account, and that is the role that the Blogs just might be able to do more effectively than the MSN. At any rate, the MSN wouldn’t like it if the public formed that impression as a long-term consequence of what Guido did so you are seeing a lot of backlash against him personally and against the reliability of Blogs in general. In NI, with the MSN adopting a partisan role and the Assembly lacking anything that could be fairly called an opposition, that progression just might position Slugger the as unofficial opposition to the established order. In terms of diligence, tenacity, and an outright refusal to reprint the official version without question marks, who does it better than Pete?

  • Mick Fealty

    You might say that….

    “In terms of diligence, tenacity, and an outright refusal to reprint the official version without question marks, who does it better than Pete?”

    I couldn’t possibly comment… 😉

  • An Ocassional Commentator.

    I don’t think this blog cuts it as far as Guido Fawkes or any other British or American blog. It doesn’t have the insider contact, and I agree with the poster above, in that it relies very heavily on mainstream media. Even the google search for this blog, ‘slugger o’toole links to articles in the papers’, tells you that this blog is a main stream media blog.

    The other thing is Guido and similar blogs don’t try to be all things to all opinions as this blog does. guido takes a stand, and is not afraid of bias or his opinions, this blog tries to aim for impartiality and inclusion, whereas guido doesn’t give a f**k, he just does it in relation to his own opinions and beliefs.

    Thats the difference and until that changes, and slugger o’toole goes out there and gets the news and does the damage it is only ever going to be a poor relation to these other blogs.

    Perhaps some of their limelight will rub off on this blog, but I doubt it.

  • Frustrated Democrat


    It might surprise you who posts and reads here and what they know!

    Definitely MLA’s and Councillors, maybe MP’s as well and all the local MSM.