“These are international mercenaries”

An official from the Irish Embassy in Argentina is reportedly on his way to Bolivia following reports that an Irishman was killed when police apparently thwarted an alleged assassination plot against Bolivian President Evo Morales. The Irishman was one of three alleged plotters killed in a raid on a hotel whilst two others were wounded and arrested. Máirtín, who marks the story “curious”, points to a Hungarian report which names the Irishman as Michael Martin Dwyer. The Time report notes

Though paramilitary groups are common inside South American neighbors like Peru and Colombia, they are not in Bolivia. Opposition leader and Santa Cruz Prefect Ruben Costas suggested Thursday’s events might be a government stunt orchestrated by Morales, who has declared assassination plots against him on several occasions during his presidency but had yet to offer proof. “Anyone can see that this is a crude staging, a show,” Costas said in a press conference, adding it could also be the government’s way of deflecting attention away from a bomb that exploded outside the Santa Cruz house of a Roman Catholic Bishop, Julio Terrazas, who is a vocal critics of Morales. Costas and the opposition claim that pro-government forces planted that explosive.

Adds In the comments zone O’Neill points to a second Hungarian report which includes video of a graphic Bolivian TV report – which gives Dwyer’s age as 25. Another of the three killed is named as 49 year old Eduardo Rózsa-Flores, former actor, journalist and, from what I can gather, sometime correspondent for the BBC World Service (1990-92) – and, apparently, his blog is here. More Susan notes a detailed partisan report. And via Politics.ie David Sharrock’s report in The Times.

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  • percy

    Is someone taking exception to Pres.Morales morals?

  • Bit more on this report, including the Bolivian TV coverage of the incident- there’s a warning posted on it.

  • Sorry, here’s the link: http://tinyurl.com/d6y4lx

  • slaphead
  • susan

    THis is a highly partisan but very specific and detailed account of the identities and politics of the two Hungarians killed in the raid:


  • latcheeco

    Should have used B.A., Hannibal, and Murdock.

  • David

    Bizarre situation.

    The supposed mercenary/assassins seem to have been shot in their underwear in a hotel room. Morales is a typical thin skinned third world aspirant Mugabe, so whether there was a plot to actually assassinate him needs to be questioned.

    When it comes to the would be assassins they seem to be a pretty wierd bunch. Rozsda-Flores manages to be simultaneously a neo-fascist, and anarchist and a Muslim. He seems to have fought for the Croat side in the Yugoslav wars and to have gone to Bolivia (his birthplace) seeking more of the same.

  • Le Corbusier

    Bizarre indeed. However, it wouldn’t be the first time that Croatian and neo-fascism was mentioned in the same breath.

  • qubol

    David you clearly don’t know much about Mugabe or Morales to make such a comparison. I just hope that our friends in Bolivia don’t think that this mans actions would find much support in Ireland.

  • Ben

    Has anybody heard reports (or rumors) that the government (Dublin) is indicating that they won’t allow Dwyer’s body to be repatriated for burial? That would seem a bit odd… but you never know.

  • Harry Flashman

    So an unarmed Irishman is shot dead by over zealous state forces in a clear “shoot to kill” incident, no doubt Sinn Fein and the other usual suspects will be condemning the Morales government in the strongest possible for their oppressive methods.

    Won’t they?

  • circles

    Have I missed something Harry? Since when did SF change from being a party representing Irish Republicans and their interests and become the voice of all irish people around the world?

    David – I agree that there is a need to question the extent of any supposed plot but to preface that by blatantly displaying your ignorance in comparing Evo Morales with Mugabe somewhat detracted from your post.