“These are international mercenaries”

An official from the Irish Embassy in Argentina is reportedly on his way to Bolivia following reports that an Irishman was killed when police apparently thwarted an alleged assassination plot against Bolivian President Evo Morales. The Irishman was one of three alleged plotters killed in a raid on a hotel whilst two others were wounded and arrested. Máirtín, who marks the story “curious”, points to a Hungarian report which names the Irishman as Michael Martin Dwyer. The Time report notes

Though paramilitary groups are common inside South American neighbors like Peru and Colombia, they are not in Bolivia. Opposition leader and Santa Cruz Prefect Ruben Costas suggested Thursday’s events might be a government stunt orchestrated by Morales, who has declared assassination plots against him on several occasions during his presidency but had yet to offer proof. “Anyone can see that this is a crude staging, a show,” Costas said in a press conference, adding it could also be the government’s way of deflecting attention away from a bomb that exploded outside the Santa Cruz house of a Roman Catholic Bishop, Julio Terrazas, who is a vocal critics of Morales. Costas and the opposition claim that pro-government forces planted that explosive.

Adds In the comments zone O’Neill points to a second Hungarian report which includes video of a graphic Bolivian TV report – which gives Dwyer’s age as 25. Another of the three killed is named as 49 year old Eduardo Rózsa-Flores, former actor, journalist and, from what I can gather, sometime correspondent for the BBC World Service (1990-92) – and, apparently, his blog is here. More Susan notes a detailed partisan report. And via Politics.ie David Sharrock’s report in The Times.