“and Sinn Féin should not assume they are..”

An iol report notes that the Republican Network for Unity has denied that the [dissenting republican] organisations it represents were responsible for the recent attacks on Sinn Féin offices in Londonderry and in Belfast. From the iol report

The Republican Network for Unity says the attacks were “acts of vandalism” carried out either by “anti-social elements” or individuals opposed to Sinn Féin policy. Either way, it says, organised republican dissident groups are not to blame and Sinn Féin should not assume they are.

Adds Below the fold, the text of the statement as offered by RNU1.

“Over recent days there have been a number of acts of vandalism carried out upon the homes of two provisional Sinn Fein members and upon their party’s premises in Derry and Belfast. The reasoning behind such attacks can only be guessed at. As are the identities of those responsible. Whether carried out by anti-social elements that plague working class communities throughout Ireland or as an act directed specifically towards that party by individuals opposed to the course the provisionals have taken through the failed Good Friday Agreement is of no consequence – Either way, these actions were and are wrong, misguided and serve no useful purpose. None that any Republican worthy of the name could see or support. We call upon those involved in these acts to immediately desist.

In addition we have been intrigued by the immediacy with which the provisionals jump to the assumption that these acts were the work of “Dissents”. Where is the proof? Who are these “Dissents”? What are their names? Which group, if any, are they associated with? How can the destruction of a [plaque] in memory of fallen Republican Volunteers serve the purposes of those disagreeing with the provisionals move to constitutional nationalism? These are some of the basic questions those in the media should have been putting to the party’s spokespersons before running to print such baseless accusations as fact.”