Tragedy follows IRA linked bar owner…

This is a rather disturbing and tragic story from Philadelphia… Sean O’Neill, a native of Coalisland has decided to face the music and come home after both of his kids were involved in criminal proceedings relating to two separate fatalities… He himself faces a series of charges including not declaring his membership of the junior branch of the IRA, Na Fianna Éireann on his entry to the US….H/T David…

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  • baps

    what an awful tragedy for these two innocent victims and their families, my full sympathies to them. Lets hope proper justice is done.

    Bigamy, firearms, illegal immigration and terror group membership ? This fella should have stayed here, he would have had his own public funded dispute resolution centre and a talk show by now.

  • all the way

    you should have seen it USA, Orange men gone bezerk, drinking blood, raping and plundering, it was like the holocaust with a tin whistle sound track. But our good Irish virture, why it shone like a beacon to all the world, our spirit of resistance, and total moral vigour, meant that the great and holy nation suffered not one drop of disgrace.

  • 6countyprod


    Why are you disparaging the journalist? Is any of the reporting inaccurate?

    That’s quite a list of `infractions`. He sounds like quite a crook. Just goes to show, you can take the man out of Coalisland, but you can’t take Coalisland out of the man.

    Only joking, all you Coalislanders!

  • UHU

    “be sure your sin will find you out”

  • UHU

    “deportation to Ireland”

    Oh, what punishment!!”

  • Comrade Stalin

    I agree with USA, I doubt that being a member of the IRA youth group is a big deal in the scheme of things. Lying to immigration officials and committing tax fraud is the real problem here.

    I suspect he will come home by himself as I imagine his offspring are US citizens and can’t be deported. Which probably won’t please the neighbours – a family history of alcohol abuse, gun misuse and related malfeasance can’t be nice to live next door to.

  • UHU

    “I suspect he will come home by himself”

    …to a warm welcome from Catrina Ruane

  • percy

    Troll alert !

  • Rory Carr

    It would be difficult to conceive such a litany of catstrophe visited upon one family in the wildest annals of fiction so it can only be a matter of time before we see the whole saga dramatised for True Movies or Hallmark. The only question remains is whether to cast Shannen Doherty or Rose McGowan as Roisin. Brian Dennehy will of course play Séan O’Neill as he gets to play all the meaty roles in television drama by Act of Congress (if not by Act of God).

  • UHU

    Troll Alert !

    Percy is back

  • Dread Cthulhu

    Actually, USA, it is an Associated Press story, not a Daily News story. It also ran in the Philadelphia Inquirer on the 15th.

    Now, that said, he lied on his immigration forms, full stop. He lied on his firearms purchase papers, full stop. He is in possession of an unlicensed silencer, alleged, but I’d also point out that the man is choosing to plead guilty. Given it is a plea deal, I’d be curious what they’re letting him slide on.

    There is little room for pity or hand-wringing here. The man made his choices and, in turn, his choices made him. I’d say he chose poorly.

  • humph

    Gossip on slugger ? Never!

  • Thanks for the update Mick I remember noticing, what I’ll term, the start of the story last July

  • Brian MacAodh

    “as his daughter, wearing her pink hair in dreadlocks”

    pink hair in dreadlocks???? what kind of family is this?

  • Dread Cthulhu

    USA: “Yes it is very hard (if not impossible) to defend these people, I just felt the ‘IRA connections’ claim to be unnecessary. ”

    As it is one of the things he lied about on his documentation, it is actually an essential element. I mean, it would be insufficient, even for an AP Wire story to say that the man lied and not tell what he lied about.

  • sagat

    It’s not really a simple case of them lying. They be asked when entering the US if they have any criminal convictions, as they don’t regard being in the IRA as a crime, they say no.

  • Comrade Stalin

    sagat, it is a very simple case of him lying. The fact that he may not recognize the convictions is utterly irrelevant to the immigration authorities. Lying to the immigration authorities is very stupid; the forms explain the consequences of lying fully and he did so knowing what would happen if he were caught.

    USA, I agree, talking about “IRA connections” is pushing it a bit. It is sufficient to say what he was convicted for. The article implies that he was an active terrorist, which is probably some distance from the reality.