“But the point is, we did know..”

Following Mick’s reference to Samizdata’s Brian Micklethwaite’s post I found another post by Brian on Alice Miles’ article in The Times that might resonate with how our five-day old story is now getting wider coverage. [Too well-behaved? – Ed] Indeed. From the Times article

The keys to the system are held by journalists. It is only through the collusion of journalists that underhand and anonymous attacks on political colleagues can have any effect. The media are all chorusing now: we knew, we called him McNasty and McPoison, we had nothing to do with him, he sent us foul messages, we didn’t like him. But the point is, we did know. We may not have known the detail of the nasty smears about senior Conservatives that Mr McBride was dreaming up, but we knew about the smears against his own side. We knew what he was up to, and we knew that he was being paid more than £100,000 a year of public money to do it – and we did nothing to stop it.