“Like Ian Paisley they have accomplished their mission.”

Sinn Féin have stated that Connolly House in west Belfast has been attacked three times in the past 2 weeks – One of their Londonderry offices has also been targeted. Meanwhile, in the NewsLetter, Liam Clark identifies the Real IRA strategy, “if it can be called one”, and points to some of those legacy issues for Sinn Féin. From the NewsLetter.

Their strategy – if it can be called one –is to force a re-militarisation of society and bring troops back onto the streets. They aim to plunge society into chaos and draw in the loyalists in the vague expectation that they may somehow be able to capitalise on the fear and anger that would follow. The problem for Sinn Fein leaders like Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness is that they lack the moral authority to counter such sick arguments. They have been around too long; the roots of their power and authority lie in the 1970s when the Provisional IRA, like today’s dissidents, had only contempt for democratic political struggle. Its policy was, like RIRA’s today, to destabilise existing forms of government in the hope that its demand of British withdrawal would eventually emerge as the only option left. It didn’t work for the Provos and it won’t work for RIRA, a much smaller group, either. Adams and McGuinness saw that the IRA campaign would fail and moved republicans towards power sharing, but they accumulated a lot of baggage in the process. Like Ian Paisley they have accomplished their mission. They should now have the sense to step aside and let someone with a less complicated history take charge.