“These impostors will not deter us from our agenda.”

Some, at best, confused thinking in evidence in Sinn Féin’s Paul Fleming’s response to an arson attack on an office used by his party in the Rathmore shopping centre Ráth Mór Centre in Londonderry. From the iol report.

The arson incident happened overnight at the unit at Rathmore shopping centre in the Creggan after the vandals cut through metal shutters. Derry Sinn Féin chairperson Paul Fleming said: “If those who carried out this attack think they were striking a blow for Irish freedom then they are deluding themselves. “I can best describe them as no better than counter-insurgency groups that are heavily infiltrated and controlled by British intelligence services.”

If they’re “no better than counter-insurgency groups”, that would make Sinn Féin.. [A party of the civil administration of Northern Ireland – Ed] Indeed.
From the BBC report

The party’s chairman in Derry [Paul Fleming] continued: “The only thing that they succeeded in destroying last night was iconic pictures of Bobby Sands’ election victory announcement, portraits of the hunger strikers and other republican memorabilia.”

And back to the iol report

Mr Fleming added: “It is becoming clearer after every action carried out by these enemies of the peace process that their main target is not British rule in Ireland but Sinn Féin’s success in dismantling the influence of the British government in Irish affairs.

“Sinn Féin has a clear strategy to achieve Irish unity and it has been endorsed by increasing numbers of genuine republicans and nationalists in successive elections throughout Ireland. These impostors will not deter us from our agenda.

“This attack will not deter Sinn Féin from carrying out its constituency service and the centre will be open for business as usual after the Easter holiday.”

A clear strategy? And the memorabilia was part of a constituency service?