No caption required non-contest

  • Paul McMahon

    The Metropolitan morris dancing team?

  • Brian MacAodh

    Looks like someone is holding a Scythe. The Grim Reaper?

  • McGrath

    “Arise Sir Protester! Then come with me and I’ll fix you right up.”

  • McGrath

    “Hold still and dont worry, I’ve just be trained to treat head injuries”

  • Blinding

    Head crushing or pen pushing

    Its no contest !

  • 6countyprod
  • Blinding

    Quick thats the photographer that done for our Bob.

  • Comrade Stalin

    “Police engaged in record-breaking attempt to make world’s largest cheesecake base from marie biscuits”

    One of those guys wielding the truncheon has “medic” clearly on his back. Lordy.

  • Clady cowboy

    “One of those guys wielding the truncheon has “medic” clearly on his back. Lordy.”

    Sometimes, you have to create your own demand during a recession.

  • Modernist

    dunno about a caption but this is an important clip everyone should view about police brutality


    “Let me through, I’ve a hen party to get to”

  • George

    if you look closely that should be:

    “Let me through, I’m a police medic”

  • Paul McMahon

    Those gloves look strangely familiar in a retro context.

  • Paul McMahon

    “Sometimes, you have to create your own demand during a recession”

    Be Quick or resign?


    Right enough George your eyes are better than mine, I didn’t notice that. Oh the irony! While not implacating these pictured policemen in the death of that poor fella the TV footage was NOT very nice. He didn’t deserve that beating as he looked harmless enough. The worrying thing is that the Metropolitan Police seem to police protest on the streets of London like the Chinese, NO dissent allowed whatsoever and that is shocking. Why criticise the North Koreans and Taliban if you won’t tolerate protest in your own capital city? Oh the hypocrisy!

  • Paul McMahon

    “Let me through, I’m a police medic”

    I REALLY hope that you’re attempting to be sarcastic there George.


    I think he was Paul, that’s the way I took it.

  • Blinding

    Vulunteers needed to test police in broad range of skills

  • McGrath

    Posted by LURIG on Apr 10, 2009 @ 02:23 AM

    He’s a police medic, get it? I have a sister who doesnt even get Knock-Knock jokes and I thought she had to be the worst ever.

    Anyway, i’m sure his first responsibility is the safety and protection of his colleagues. Even battle field medics are allowed to return fire if fired upon. But I wonder what his orders are in the event of him having to choose to treat an injured colleague or an injured protester, could present and interesting legal question.

  • Harry Flashman

    Sorry to turn all boring and all but it is a very interesting photo; exactly what are the legal/moral ramifications of this?

    He is presumably simply a police officer who is qualified to give medical assistance in an emergency, perhaps a bit more than the standard First Aid I assumed (perhaps wrongly in these days of litigation) every police constable provides and the logo is merely an indication of this (noticeably not a red cross but the rather more anodyne green).

    So if he clobbers a demonstrator he’ll presumably then be expected to give paramedic assistance. Now on a battlefield that would be ok; you might expect to be shot by the enemy but Geneva Rules say that he is then expected to patch you up once he captures you. But this isn’t war is it? This peeler is handling a civilian policing matter, he is marked out as a paramedic presumably to allow him some sort of protection from attack by rioters (as in the mythical attack on police medics in Ian Tomlinson’s case) but if he has caused the medical problems in the first place then you’re presumably looking at both a public order nightmare and a tort lawyer’s idea of all his Christmasses come at once.

    And what if the blow which the Police “medic” inflicts results in his own patient dying despite his own subsequent best efforts? Does he get a commendation from the Chief Constable just before the Chief Constable is sued for negligence and the Chief Constable’s own officer’s question the PC for allegations of criminal assault?

    A lot of figurative and literal head-aches in this can of worms, but no doubt the finest legal minds in London have already sorted them all out.

    No doubt.

  • McGrath

    he is marked out as a paramedic presumably to allow him some sort of protection from attack by rioters

    Posted by Harry Flashman on Apr 10, 2009 @ 07:03 PM

    I would be interested to know the thinking of the police force in regard to the display of the medic designation. Is it to be used as an identifier when other policemen are in need assistance or an identifier for the protesters not to attack the medic? Is it a clever ploy to allow a pseudo medic to move into close quarters to wallop the crap out of someone? Either way its not a job I would relish, seems you are damned both ways.

  • Blinding

    Police take extroadinary offence at Grim Reapers footwear choice !