US bring 10,000 jobs home from both Irelands

Interesting PR from UUP MLA Sam Gardiner this morning… Not quite sure how he’s doing the math(s)… but the drift of the argument is easy enough to follow…

“I checked the job losses recently for American firms in the Irish Republic and found that there had been over 10,000 job losses directly attributable to a contraction in the workforce of American firms. These include Dell, pharmaceuticals giant Schering-Plough and Motorola. As well as direct job losses in those firms, there is the knock-on effect on local Irish firms supplying those American owned plants. Dell, for example have lost 2,380 jobs since last year but there are another 6,900 jobs lost in suppliers to Dell. ”

“These job losses can be explained by the world recession but, at the same time, the fact remains that the job losses were made in Ireland and not in America. I maintain that President Obama’s election pledge to “bring the jobs home” is real and that it will happen. The government spin over here is that there will be no protectionism but the facts don’t bear this out. 16 countries across the world have now taken protectionist measures and recent American legislation has taken a protectionist stance as well.”

“The economic situation will not be cured by spin. Recent trips to the United States by our First and Deputy First Ministers have produced little by way of product. It’s all goodwill and little else.

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