“So far, so diplomatic..”

BBC NI’s Hearts and Minds’ Julia Paul reports on the inter-relationships between the Northern Ireland Executive and the European Union.

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  • John K Lund / Lllamedos / Suchard

    The film really shows the EEC up for what it is; a drink and entertainment fuelled binge for unproductive and ultra costly Eurocrats. Which simply is another tier of government we simply cannot afford. It is ironic that two self proclaimed teetotallers proceed to pour our money down a lot of sycophantic throats who think they can rule us and indiretally tax us without real representation. The further totally financially destructive use of both both Brussels and Strasbourg is wasteful to say the least. Why not do it from Euro Mps homes using video conferencing and save us the taxpayers some money.
    All European Empires have failed as will this eventually. The Romans started this policy by taxing their so called Roman Citizens and other subjects and then giving the poor unfortunates back the small balance left over, back to the various populaces, after the unelected Oligarchy had feasted upon it. You only have to look at one recent proconsul complete with nubian type slave to get the picture.
    Mr Attlee once told Ernie Bevin that Herbert Morrison was his own worst enemy; to which came back the reply “he’isnt not while I’m around”.
    The EEC is a con it is a plan to subjugate the European peoples under a German Franco empire by stealth which the Germans have tried to do several times, the last, in my lifetime.

  • JK, I understand our very own Department of Regional Development is currently having its collar felt by the EU Commission. Something to do with ferry contracts. How could Julia Paul have missed the ‘downside’?