Hello from the Fine Gael Ard Fheis

Hello there! My name is Stephen Spillane (of Stephenspillane.com) and I am going to be the blogger here at the 2009 Fine Gael Ard Fheis in City West for Slugger.

It seems us bloggers have a room all to ourselves at this Ard Fheis which is a bit of a novelty and I am currently the only one in it. There is a good buzz around City West at the moment with people arriving in good spirits as they book in.The new logo is all over the place. Its on the stage, on the main entrace, on all the sign posts. Why they are changing the logo nine weeks before an election is beyond me.

Currently rehersals are going on for the motions tonight which is a session on “Ireland and the International Stage”. The full Clár is availble here.

The liveblog is also online if you want to keep up with what is said about it on twitter. Also they will be streaming the conference on the Fine Gael Website.

I will try and keep you all updated with the goings on down here and if anything interesting happens.

  • It was Sammy Mc Nally what done


    FG had a real opportunity before the last election to actually stand up and tell it like it was ie they did not believe Berty’s ridiculous Father-Tedesque-stories on RTE and that the FF adminsitration was corrupt. This would have been a political gamble and would have gone aginst the ‘mood’ of the Plain poeple of Ireland as would telling them that the housing market was sooner or later going to implode.

    FG decided not to do those things and now is left open to the same accusation as FF that they were did not either understand what the feck was going on or were benefitting from it personally (legally or illegally) and did not want to rock the little green boat apparently sailing merrily along on the economic seas.

    FG will clearly benefit form the financial disasters that have befallen the economy but the boy Enda is a very poor communicator and surely the unspoken question in everyones mind at the conference is when is Enda going to get off the stage and let someone else have a go or surely they will slowly lose their momentum and continue to look like FF-Lite.